Yu Yuexian was exposed at the scene of the car accident. She could have escaped. The seat belt is the life belt!

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yu yuexian exposed scene car

Yu Yuexian is a strange name for most people , But mention 《 Rural love 》 Thank you very much , Believe in 70 And after 80 I heard about it later .

This is an ill fated woman , Although he is active on the screen with Zhao Benshan , But her life is not happy , Even left a permanent regret , After her death , There is no chance to make up for this regret .

Yu Yuexian died just 50 year , Early married peers have had grandchildren , And she doesn't even have a son and a half , It's really sad .

She's gone , Left her worried brother , And a husband who loves her as much as his life .

She's gone , Left her worried brother , And a husband who loves her as much as his life .

8 month 9 In the morning 3 around , Yu Yuexian took a rented car SUV Rushing to the workplace , When the vehicle is driven to S228 Line 433 km +500 There was an accident at meters .

SUV Collided with the camels on the road , Due to excessive speed , Two camels were killed on the spot , Yu Yuexian was also seriously injured in the accident .

The scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident was exposed , The brake marks are clearly visible

After the event , A reporter visited the section of the road where the incident occurred , The brake marks on the road are clearly visible , It can be seen how strong the brake is .

But even with such strong braking, the collision was still not avoided , Or the speed is too fast , Or the camels suddenly crossed the road, causing the brakes to fail .

As the rectification section is not monitored , The specific cause of the accident needs further verification , But judging from the blood left on the ground , Everyone was badly hurt , To confirm after the fact ,SUV Upper 4 One death and three injuries .

She could have escaped

The dead are gone , Yu Yuexian has suffered all his life , I didn't expect to leave in this way , I hope she can be happy in heaven .

Yu Yuexian's departure is really distressing , But when it hurts, we should also learn from her experience , Traffic safety is not a joke !

From the long brake marks , The driver's prediction of the collision is no problem , But there is also the possibility of speeding with such a long brake trace , The road speed limit at this level is generally 60 km / Hours , Long distance braking can also kill two camels , It was a bit of an accident .

Even if speeding , It can also save life when the safety belt is used correctly , in addition 3 People can survive , It's the same with her .

Passengers should also pay attention to safety

I believe every old driver has the experience of speeding , I just want to run faster , Blind confidence in your skills and abilities . But the speed limit of each road is rigorously demonstrated .

Good visibility means good road conditions , And the road condition is not just the road surface , In areas with developed aquaculture such as Inner Mongolia , It is very common for animals to wander on the road , The driver should be ready to stop and give way at any time .

And a little bit more , Yu Yuexian probably didn't fasten her seat belt when taking the bus , In case of collision or sudden braking , The human body will rush forward because of inertia , Wear seat belts in the front row , The rear seat belt should also be worn , This is clearly stipulated in the traffic regulations .

A seat belt is a life belt

Don't assume that 60 The speed of kilometers per hour is very low , Anyone who has taken a bus knows , Even in 15 km / Brake hard at the hour , People will rush forward 5 To 10 A centimeter .

With the increase of speed , The forward force will soar geometrically , We must not underestimate the terrible inertia .

If the vehicle swings in the event of an impact , Passengers who do not wear seat belts can easily be thrown out of the window , This is not alarmism , There have been similar tragedies more than once .

Once again, let me remind you , A seat belt is a life belt , Don't be blindly confident in your strength and responsiveness .

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