Too dangerous! Foxconn's landlady took her children on vacation and allowed her 10-year-old son to drive a sightseeing car

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dangerous foxconn landlady took children

8 month 10 Japan , Zeng Xinying, Foxconn's landlady, updated the dynamics of her personal social account , Exposed the recent situation of the family .

Zeng Xinying has always liked traveling , But affected by force majeure , She can't go far for the time being . Before , She often showed pictures of playing in the Aegean Sea the year before last , The comfort .

lately , She finally couldn't help it , Decided to take their children to the suburbs for vacation , To make up for the helplessness of not going far . She also made the trip in the form of photos and videos , Share on social networks .

From the background , The resort has a large grassland , There is a big villa and a glass flower house nearby 、 Swing, etc , well appointed , The environment is beautiful , It's really suitable for a family to go out and play .

2010 In, the Taiwan media broke the news , Dong Guo dropped 12 I bought a golf course for 100 million yuan , At the same time, he bought a valuable room nearby 2 Billion mansions .

So it looks like , Zeng Xinying's vacation place with the children , It should be this golf course .

In the exposed picture , Zeng Xinying appeared in a pink dress , With exquisite makeup and hairstyle , Dress up very expensive .

already 46 year , And gave birth 3 A baby's she , The skin is firm and wrinkle free , Slim and slender , Frozen age has art , Gentle and moving temperament , No wonder I was able to defeat a group of beautiful women , Successfully married into a rich family .

Except for outstanding temperament , Zeng Xinying's character also attracts Guo Dong . Zeng Xinying once broke the news , My husband likes her simple and uncomplicated , It's nice to get along with her .

The girl next to Zeng Xinying , yes 12 My eldest daughter Guo Xiaoru , My little sister is as like as two peas . Mother and daughter are in the same frame , Such as copy and paste .

Guo Xiaoru not only looks like his mother , Interests and hobbies are also very similar to my mother . These two years , She fell in love with singing and dancing , Many public performances .

During the Spring Festival , She also went to the annual meeting of dad's company , Sing and dance in public , The final harvest is a lot of praise .

Little daughter Guo Xiaoai smiled brightly at the camera , With lovely red hair band , Very silly . She looks more like her father , Lively and cheerful , Very pleasing .

Zeng Xinying also showed a video of letting her second son Guo Shoushan drive .

In the picture , Guo Shoushan, dressed in black and wearing a mask , Driving a sightseeing car alone on the grassland , He clung to the steering wheel , The whole performance is calm .

Search for information , The car Guo Shoushan drives , It's usually an electric car with a battery , No more than... Per hour 20 km , Easy to operate , And not prone to accidents .

Although the regulations vary from region to region , But he's full 10 year . Even if there are adults watching , It's too dangerous .

As Guo Shoushan's mother , I still hope Zeng Xinying will be more considerate , Don't regret it until you have a problem .

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