More details of Yu Yuexian's car accident: all four were wearing seat belts

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details yu yuexian car accident

[ Car home information ]  8 month 9 Japan , Alashan Right Banner Public Security Bureau informed , Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , And then cause attention .10 Japan , Some media came to Alxa Right Banner in Inner Mongolia , In the parking lot of the accident vehicle of the local traffic police team, we saw that the accident vehicle was seriously damaged , The roof of the vehicle was lifted .

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Xu Juncheng, instructor of Alashan Right Banner traffic police brigade, said , Yu Yuexian sits behind the co pilot , All four people on the car wear seat belts . After the site investigation , The local police have inspected the scene , The specific accident cause and responsibility determination will be announced after the investigation and evidence collection .( video / Emergency call , compile / Car home Xing Yueyang )  

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