Xiuenai overturns. Zhang Danfeng sends Hong Xin chili flowers, but he doesn't know that Hong Xin can't eat spicy

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xiuenai overturns. overturns zhang danfeng

In recent days, , You Hongxin 、 Ada Choi 、 Chen Farong 、 Zhu Yin's four resident variety show 《 Invite your sister to dinner 》 It's officially on air , Four as permanent guests , It's also interesting to do such a program .

At the beginning of the program , Manager Dong yanlei said that his brother-in-law also sent a gift , So he took out a bunch of pepper flowers made of Chaotian pepper , The four guessed who sent it , Finally, they agreed that it was sent by Cai Shaofen's husband Zhang Jin , After all, Cai Shaofen likes spicy food , The three also joked that they really loved each other , Zhang Jin can remember Cai Shaofen's preferences so clearly .

But Dong yanlei handed the chili flowers to Hong Xin , Say :“ This is actually from teacher Zhang Danfeng ”, It should use chili to symbolize the opening of the hotel . People still sigh : Really good intentions , A look of envy .

However, Hong Xin looked unbelievable , And he said “ Won't! ”, Then he said “ I can't eat spicy ”, This is really embarrassing !

Sending flowers is a happy thing , But Hong Xin's words reveal that Zhang Danfeng doesn't know her preferences , Let netizens guess their emotional state again , After all, Zhang Danfeng's “ Cheating door ” Everyone knows .

After that , Hong Xin often takes her son 、 My daughter went out with her friends , But I didn't see Zhang Danfeng around . Their feelings seem to have changed .

Even her son Zhang Haolian 20 birthday , There is no Zhang Danfeng in the group photo hung Xin took .

On Mother's day this year , Hong xinshai and her daughter made handmade pictures , Tongtong also personally made mother's Day cake for her mother . As a husband, Zhang Danfeng didn't say anything .

The difference between the two 10 Love at the age of , after 12 Years of marriage , It's not easy , After the storm, it takes courage for Hong Xin to choose to start over , Maybe I want to keep a low profile , Let's eat melons rationally .

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