The 38 year old daughter is unmarried, and the mother reduces the marriage conditions: good character, good work, house and car

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year old daughter unmarried mother

I don't know if you have found such a phenomenon , The more economically developed the region , The higher the proportion of older leftover women . Take Beijing as an example , The number of older leftover women in Beijing exceeds 80 ten thousand , They are single for different reasons .

Every weekend or holiday , The big blind date corners are always overcrowded , Many girls stood there and tried to sell themselves , There are also some girls' parents seeking marriage for their daughters , The conditions they put forward for marriage are often ridiculously high , It's amazing .

Some girls ask the man to look as handsome as Wu Yanzu , Be successful in your career , To earn more than a million a year , There should be a room in the Third Ring Road of Beijing , To drive a million dollar luxury car , Bachelor degree or above , It's best to have the experience of studying abroad ……

Few men meet the above conditions , The girls are in line with “ Nothing more ” Principles , If they can't meet the right person, they'd rather wait , Until she found what she thought Mr.right.

These girls are young and beautiful , young , All aspects of the conditions are good , They put forward harsh conditions for marriage, which can be justified , those 35 The above girls should appropriately reduce the criteria for mate selection , Get married early and have children , Live a normal life , But there are always some older leftover women who don't want to make do with it , The result is predictable .

38 My daughter is unmarried , The mother lowered the conditions for marriage : Good character 、 Work well 、 Just have a room and a car !

Ms. Chen was born in Shanghai , Her parents are working class , She has a bad family , But after all, she is a native of Shanghai , She was brought up by the culture of big cities , She is well-informed , Rich experience , Outstanding abilities in all aspects .

Ms. Chen is smart and studious , Her grades have always been good , She was admitted to Shanghai Jiaotong University during the college entrance examination , After graduation, she applied for a job in a foreign company .

Ms. Chen looks average , But she's very demanding of her partner . She hopes her future husband is from Shanghai , And graduated from key universities , Annual salary 100 All the above , There is a house and a car at home , She was also given a large bride price when she got married , She felt that only men who met these conditions were qualified to marry her .

She has dated many times over the years , Most men can't get into her eyes , She also met several favorite men , But none of them liked her . She was not discouraged , She cheered herself up :“ Good men always let me meet , It's just a matter of time .”

30 My mother was a little worried after the age of , Mother often goes to the blind date corner to seek marriage for Ms. Chen , She put Ms. Chen's marriage conditions in a prominent position , She sold enthusiastically to the people who came and went , She is eager to marry her daughter out early .

In her opinion, there are advantages in her daughter , All the conditions for her daughter's marriage are reasonable , Those men don't like her daughter because they are unlucky , She firmly believes that one day her daughter will meet a satisfactory prince charming .

We all know that the best marriage age for girls is 25-35 Between the ages of , Ms Chen 35 After years old, they are obviously not popular in the blind date market , When the man's parents saw that Ms. Chen was an older leftover woman, they turned and left , Ms. Chen's mother began to worry , She's really afraid that her daughter won't get married in her life .

She posted Ms. Chen's information to the marriage company , She hopes to increase publicity in this way , So that Ms. Chen can get married early . However, Ms. Chen's mate selection conditions are too high , Few people browse her information , Love and marriage companies also find it difficult to introduce her to other men , In this way, Ms. Chen has been abandoned for several years .

Now, Ms. Chen 38 year , She does her work in an exemplary way , She's pretty well maintained , But she is still unmarried , Mother broke her heart for her marriage . The mother decided to lower the standard of mate selection , She updated the information on the website .

Mother introduced Ms. Chen like this : Ms Chen 38 year , Bachelor degree , He lives in Xuhui District, Shanghai , We are looking for an excellent man , There is no limit to the other party's native place , Age 30-40 Between the ages of , unmarried , Good character is required 、 Work well , There are rooms and cars in Shanghai .

She took the initiative to lower the mate selection conditions for Ms. Chen , But the present conditions are still not low , She asked for good character , Work well , And a car , These conditions are easy to meet , The condition of having a house in Shanghai discourages a large number of men , You know, buy a house in Shanghai for at least 45 million , The average family simply can't reach it .

Many netizens left a message saying :“ The man who can meet Ms. Chen's conditions is either married , Or divorce with a baby , There are unmarried men, too , but such men are too rare , They have a choice 20 Next year's girl , Why do you have to talk to me 38 The older leftover women are getting married ?”

Netizens are telling the truth , Ms. Chen has good conditions in all aspects , She is also excellent , But she has a hard wound , She is too old , She missed the best time to get married and have children , Men are very concerned about the woman's age when choosing a marriage partner , On this point, Ms. Chen suffered a lot .

The fundamental reason why Ms. Chen can't get married is that she has too much sense of superiority , She never put down her airs , She didn't seriously consider what was going on with her feelings , What's the matter with marriage , She made love and marriage a deal , She stood at one end of the scale , She believes that a man with a house, a car and enough financial strength is qualified to marry her .

She has a problem with her attitude towards feelings and marriage , She overestimated her worth , She missed the best time to get married , Now she is still stubborn , Whether she can marry off is still unknown .

Do you think Ms. Chen's mate selection conditions are reliable ? What do you think of it ? Feel free to leave a comment .

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