Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. The famous director Liu Xinda shouted to Zhao Benshan. Why not mourn in time

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yu yuexian died car accident.

8 month 9 Japan ,《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao's actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , According to official sources , Because when I participated in activities in Inner Mongolia , Too fast and hit a camel , Yu Yuexian and two camels died , The rest of the staff were injured .

When I heard the news , Many friends in the circle have sent messages to mourn . Need to know , Yu Yuexian has always been a relatively low-key actor , I can't see her hype like some traffic stars . Maybe for Yu Yuexian , She thinks it's the king to improve her acting skills .

Like Zhai Tianlin 、 Xiao Shenyang, Zhang Ziyi and others , One after another sent documents to mourn Yu Yuexian , But I haven't seen Zhao Benshan's post yet . Well known director Liu Xinda shouted Zhao Benshan , Why not mourn in time .

Zhao Benshan and Yu Yuexian are actually related , Yu Yuexian is Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law .

At first , Zhao Benshan thinks Yu Yuexian is from a professional background , Worried that her acting skills are too rigid , But then I saw Yu Yuexian play a blind man , I was impressed by Yu Yuexian's acting , This gave Yu Yuexian the chance to play Xie Dajiao .

Yu Yuexian's sudden death , Many people regret it . Over the years , Yu Yuexian also left us many classic works . In limine , Yu Yuexian is also a conscientious filmmaker , But there was no splash .

until 《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao , Let's see Yu Yuexian's exquisite acting skills .

In other words, Liu Xinda shouted and Zhao Benshan mourned , It's understandable , After all, I think Zhao Benshan and Yu Yuexian are not only relatives , And I've been working together for so many years , The relationship between them is naturally better .

Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiu also chose to delete some passages , The live preheating video was also deleted , Maybe the next live broadcast will also be cancelled , After all, Yu Yuexian's death , It should also be a huge blow to the ball .

The ball sent a long message on the social platform , To remember Yu Yuexian .

You are the big foot aunt of many people , But I just call you aunt .

You leave in a hurry , Ivory Hill will be lonely . We don't know where to buy things in the future . Many people still have credit .

Whose family has more contradictions , I'm sure I'll want to judge you . But I can only angrily walk to the door of Dajiao supermarket , See the closed door , I suddenly remembered that you were gone .

Bye, aunt Xian , You should be well in heaven .

I'll miss you , Everyone will miss you .

See the message of the ball , Suddenly the defense broke . Aunt Bigfoot is actually very young , It should have been an age when I could live a happy life with my family , Unfortunately, the accident caused by the car accident completely left us .

For Liu Xinda's shouting, Zhao Benshan's behavior , It is also questioned by most people that it is rubbing the heat . A sad enough person , Where do you want to post on the social platform for the first time ?

People like Lin Shengbin , It should still be rare . The day after his wife and children died , You can shake your arms and shout in the mourning hall .

You have to post on social software , Talent “ Mourning ”? Do it without hypocrisy , Not true feelings ? These actors , Between acting and real life , Completely reversed !

The unknown world , Who will come first tomorrow and the accident . Aunt Bigfoot , May you be as beautiful as heaven every day .

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