After the milk tea incident, Zhou Yiwei and his female assistant were photographed again, trotting on the bus to keep a distance and full of desire for survival

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milk tea incident zhou yiwei

8 month 10 Japan , Some media exposed the latest developments of Zhu Dan's husband Zhou Yiwei . In the video , Zhou Wai, who appeared on the street, was wearing white T T-shirt , Wearing a black mask , The female assistant followed behind , For a time, it attracted the attention of many netizens .

This is to review the incident that Zhou Yiwei was photographed drinking a cup of milk tea with his female assistant , Zhou Yiwei, who had married Zhu Dan and had a daughter , Use the same straw to drink a cup of milk tea with the female assistant during shooting , and , Just drink it with your front foot , The back foot spits out and is accused of playing ambiguous , For a time, it attracted a lot of controversy .

Soon , Zhou Yiwei responded :“ The filming environment of the crew is difficult ・・・ Many times I don't pay so much attention ”, Then, as a wife, Zhu Dan also went online to protect her husband , Zhu Dan said that the female assistant is like a sister to her and her husband , I've always appreciated her care for Mr. Zhou , And explain that Zhou Yiwei has his own persistence in diet , So people around him always take pleasure in breaking his taboos , It was the assistant sister who continued to enjoy Amway milk tea that led to Mr. Zhou's Pearl spitting incident , In Zhu Dan's opinion, this is just normal interaction , There is no need to go online or even cheat .

however , For Zhu Dan who unconditionally chooses to trust her husband and speak for him , Netizens don't seem to buy it , I think she is too humble in her relationship with Zhou Yiwei .

Come back to , Let's look at Zhou Yiwei's performance this time , After the milk tea incident , Zhou Yiwei, who appeared on the street with his female assistant, seemed to be trying to avoid suspicion , Even in public , Keep a distance from the female assistant .

Zhou Yiwei, who learned his lesson, trotted into the car without looking back , Leave the little sister alone behind , Quite a married man's consciousness , The desire to survive is full of .

And just a while ago , Zhou Yiwei was also photographed walking with his wife Zhu Dan arm in arm . In the photo , Zhu Dan and her husband Zhou Yiwei wear white lovers' clothes T T-shirt , The couple walking arm in arm had a happy smile on their faces .

When going out to work , To avoid his wife's worry , Zhou Yiwei will also call to report peace at the first time , A good man .

last year 12 month , Zhu Dan and Zhou Yiwei also welcomed their second child , Children make up “ good ” word , I can see you , In private, Zhu Dan and Zhou Yiwei are still very happy . Bless them !

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