"Xie Dajiao" unfortunately left in a car accident. Wang Yun's actor asked "it hurts", which made netizens break the defense

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xie dajiao unfortunately left car

“ Aunt Bigfoot ” Yu Yuexian died unfortunately , It has aroused the attention and remembrance of many aspects . Only from Benshan group and the actors cooperating with Yu Yuexian , Many people sent messages to mourn her , Lament the impermanence of life , Feel sad and sorry for Yu Yuexian's early death .

Many people are concerned about Zhao Benshan's reaction , From Liaoning folk art troupe 8 month 9 According to the obituary published on the th , Zhao Benshan and his wife Ma Lijuan , That is, Yu Yuexian's aunt and cousin , After learning about it, they were very sad , Send someone to the scene to deal with the aftermath at the first time .

Actors with high popularity sent commemorative words , For example, Zhang Ziyi 、 Xiao Shenyang et al , Other actors who are not well-known but have deep feelings with Yu Yuexian , They also expressed their reluctance to the Moon Fairy on some platforms . Compared with the expression of some people who are more famous but have less deep feelings with Yu Yuexian , The expression of the latter may touch us more .

This time, let's talk about 《 Rural love 》 Ge Shanshan, the actor who plays Wang Yun in , The content released late at night on the day of Yuexian's death . From this we can see , How deep feelings she has with Yu Yuexian .


Like many of Zhao Benshan's disciples , Ge Shanshan is also an actor of Er Ren Zhuan , from 《 Rural love 2》 Start working with Yu Yuexian who plays Xie Dajiao .

Until then, , Ge Shanshan used to be with Yu Yuexian 2006 TV series of 《 Today's promotion 》 China has cooperated with . At that time, Ge Shanshan just 20 Year old , Yu Yuexian is already famous in the circle . Ge Shanshan is afraid that it will delay things , Once I couldn't cry before making a crying scene .

Yu Yuexian, as a little elder, patiently told Ge Shanshan , Before filming, you have to brew emotions , Associate some unhappy things , Or think about the troubles in life , Listen to some sad music .

With Yu Yuexian's patient guidance , Ge Shanshan's crying drama passed smoothly . With this cooperation , The fate of two people began .


Soon , Two people are 《 Rural love 》 We met in the second season . In the first season , Another person plays Wang Yun , In the second film, it was replaced by GE Shanshan . The audience was not very satisfied with Ge Shanshan at first , At least in appearance , Not as dignified and generous as the actors in the first film . Yu Yuexian still gives Ge Shanshan more encouragement , and 《 Rural love 》 This performance , More than ten years .

In Ge Shanshan's eyes , Yu Yuexian is warm and forthright , Have a sense of justice , There is no star's shelf . After work every day , Ge Shanshan and they are going to play in Yu Yuexian's room for a while , this is it , Shoot every summer 《 Rural love 》 period , They all have to stay together for months . Yu Yuexian will also cook for GE Shanshan and them , So every time they meet, they have to put on some weight .


From the play , Wang Yun and Xie Dajiao are sisters , But in real life , Although the difference between the two is only a teenager , Yu Yuexian is actually a peer of Ge Shanshan's master Zhao Benshan , Therefore, in theory, Ge Shanshan calls Yu Yuexian aunt . In the text sent out on the platform , Ge Shanshan also calls Yu Yuexian Xiaoyi .

But from the first 12 The season begins , Xie Dajiao and Wang Yun's plays are much less , Ge Shanshan and Yu Yuexian spend less time together every year , But as long as we meet, there are endless words . exactly , In recent seasons , Xie Dajiao's play is much less , This is related to Changgui's death . Although Huang Shiyou's role was added later , But Xie Dajiao and Wang Yun are still very few .


《 Rural love 》 At present, it has reached the... Th 13 season , The first 14 Ji Zai 2020 Finished shooting in the second half of the year , And just ten days ago , The first 15 Ji has just finished . After this season's show , Ge Shanshan left the shooting site and went home as soon as usual , Anyway, I thought I could shoot another season soon and meet Yu Yuexian , But what I didn't expect was , That goodbye was a farewell to Yu Yuexian .

Ge Shanshan regretted very much afterwards , Regret not spending a few more days on the crew , Talk to Yu Yuexian more . After the Moon Fairy left, the words sent by GE Shanshan can be seen , She is full of nostalgia for the Moon Fairy . She was so distressed when she saw the news , But I want to see more final news about Yu Yuexian through more reports .

Ge Shanshan wrote ,“ You must be in pain , Suffer , You've worked hard all your life , Maybe he went to enjoy happiness ”. Ge Shanshan has few microblog fans at present , But the netizens who see these words can understand , The deep feelings between GE Shanshan and Yu Yuexian , They talked about “ It's broken ”.


Yu Yuexian is both Ge Shanshan's aunt and her sister , This must be the way she gets on well with many actors in the crew .

Objective to , Yu Yuexian is not a big star even though she studied acting , The influence of film and television works is not very great , Even if 《 Rural love 》 Make her famous , But in some non 《 Rural love 》 It seems to the fans that , The quality of this series is not high .

However, after such an actor unfortunately left , There are many concerns and memorials on the Internet , This also fully shows that as long as an actor carefully shapes a role that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Even if she's not a big star , It can also be appreciated and respected by the majority of the audience .

For many people , Yu Yuexian didn't play Xie Dajiao 《 Rural love 》, Maybe not 《 Rural love 》 了 .

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