Behind the sudden death of Yu Yuexian, the "hometown of camels": how can an unrestrained desert boat coexist with a speeding car?

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sudden death yu yuexian hometown

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This is a scene that happened in “ The land of camels ” The tragedy of .

8 month 9 Early morning 3 when 27 branch , Alashan, Inner Mongolia S228 Line 443 km 500 m , The screeching sound of brakes cut through the night sky , Then there was a loud noise after the impact . In a few hours , The loud noise hit the hearts of the public like a heavy hammer ,《 Rural love 》 No more “ Thank you ” Sad news , Spread all over the Internet .

The extreme news reporter searched and found , Less than... From the scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident 40 km , Two years ago, there was an accident in which a vehicle hit a camel , cause 2 Camels die 、1 Camels are injured .

Alashan , It was officially named by China Animal Husbandry Association “ The hometown of Chinese camels ”. However , Alxa League is a unique advantageous industry , Also brought to the local “ Unexpected troubles ”―― An unrestrained camel , How to coexist harmoniously with high-speed cars .

In Alxa League , Camels are the main livestock raised by local herdsmen . Mr. Bu, a herdsman raising camels in Alxa Right Banner, told Jimu news reporter , Local camels are almost free range , whenever , Camels can appear on the road .

50 Year old “ Thank you ” Died in the land of camels

Yu Yuexian , Chifeng people in Inner Mongolia . She died in Alashan, Inner Mongolia S228 Line , From his hometown 2000 km . She is 《 Country love story 》 Medium and high popularity characters “ Thank you ” The actor of , His ill fated and inspirational life is better than “ Rural love ” More moving .

However , A sudden tragedy , Let her gorgeous life freeze in 50 year .

8 month 9 Japan , The relevant person in charge of the traffic police detachment of the Alxa League Public Security Bureau told the Jimu news reporter ,9 The traffic police brigade sent out the police immediately after receiving the accident information . at that time , Yu Yuexian's SUV collided with two camels on the road , Yu Yuexian was killed in the accident , The driver and other passengers were injured , Two camels died .

There are photographers in 9 Day and night, I rushed to the place where the accident happened to visit , Video display , There were few vehicles on the road where the incident occurred , The road surface is flat 、 Good road condition , The car has the conditions to drive to a higher speed . In addition to obvious brake marks at the scene of the incident , And debris from a car crash , And camel hair and Camel dung .

A local professional guide in Alxa told the extreme news reporter , Camel and vehicle collision accidents occur from time to time , But the of the camels killed are usually caused by large trucks , The car will only have a small collision with the camel under the speed limit . He is strong , After the incident, a friend of mine passed by the scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident and saw , The accident off-road vehicle knocked out the internal organs of the camel , It means that the vehicle speed should be relatively fast at the time of the incident . The wizard also mentioned , The camels killed should have marks on them , But it's not clear which one it belongs to .

The Beijing News reported that , At the time of the incident, Yu Yuexian was sitting in the back seat of the co pilot , Four people in the car were wearing seat belts .

“ Foreign drivers lack coping experience ”

In the eyes of Alashan locals , The tragedy of the collision between a car and a camel is no accident .

8 month 10 Japan , Ms. Hu, a local resident of Alxa Right Banner, told Jimu news reporter , Animals often haunt the road where the accident happened , Not just camels , And sheep 、 Horses cross the road .S228 Some sections of the line highway are equipped with isolation guardrails , But there are also some sections without guardrails .

“ It's not uncommon for a car to hit a camel , But most of the accidents are foreign cars .” Ms. Hu told the extreme news reporter , Before that, when she was driving , Camels have been foreseen many times on the road , Basically waiting for the camel to go away , Move on . Especially at night , The speed must be strictly controlled ,“ It's only up to 60 To 70 code .”

Alxa League public security traffic police have previously issued travel guidelines for many times , call S228 Line ( primary S316 Line ) Long highway mileage 、 The road is narrow 、 The bend is big and the slope is steep , The shoulders are soft , When driving on the above road sections , Prone to road traffic accidents , In order to effectively prevent road traffic accidents ,S228 Interval time limit monitoring measures shall be implemented throughout the line , Section speed limit 70 Km / h .

Ms. Hu said , Many drivers from other places lack experience in dealing with camels on the road , I don't know the habits of camels . In general , Camels don't give way when they see a car , Whether it's flashing lights or honking horns , They will only slowly follow their own rhythm .

40 A similar accident occurred km away

The extreme news reporter combed and found that , since 2016 So far this year , Alashan League region , There have been many accidents in which vehicles collide with camels on the road .

A circular released by the Alxa Left Banner people's court mentioned ,2016 year 8 month 30 Early morning , A large truck was killed in the Zhangcha line of Azuoqi 10 Camel case , Then the incident was properly handled .

The referee's website shows ,2020 year 1 month 16 Japan , The plaintiff Li drove a semi-trailer tractor along the... In the left banner of Alxa League S218 The provincial highway runs to 180 Kilometers plus 900 m , It's too late to avoid , Collided with two camels , Two camels died . The Left Banner traffic police brigade of Alxa League organized both parties to mediate , According to the local average price per camel 10000 Convention of yuan , Li compensated the owner of the camel 20000 element .

The extreme news reporter also noticed , Just less than... From the scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident 40 Location of KM , There has also been an accident in which a vehicle hit a camel .

The referee's website shows ,2019 year 10 month 18 Japan 21 when 40 a.m. , Driver Liu Qiang ( male ,39 year ) Driving a heavy semitrailer , From north to south, it is on the provincial road of Alxa Right Banner in Inner Mongolia 228 Line 481 Kilometers plus 400 Meter hour , To which Wang belongs 2 Camels 、 The other party Wang belongs to 1 Camels collide , No one was injured , Wang belongs to 2 Camels die 、 The other party Wang belongs to 1 Camels are injured , A traffic accident in which the vehicle was damaged .

“ The hometown of Chinese camels ” The trouble of

go by the name of “ The hometown of Chinese camels ” Alashan League , It is the area with the most Bactrian camels in China , It accounts for one third of the total number of camels in the country .

As early as 2002 year , The Ministry of agriculture included Alashan Bactrian camel in the national protection list of livestock and poultry genetic resources ,2006 In, it was designated as a national protected variety of livestock and poultry genetic resources ,2008 In, Alashan was approved to establish a national livestock and poultry genetic resources reserve and seed conservation farm for Bactrian camels .2012 year , Alashan Bactrian camel has obtained the geographical indication certification of agricultural and livestock products of the Ministry of agriculture .

Mr. Bu, a camel herder in Alxa Right Banner, told Jimu news reporter , Local camels are almost free range , whenever , Camels can appear on the road ,“ These camels sometimes ( sand ) Running on the beach for a month or two without going home .” Mr. Bu said , Although their camels have never been hit , But the neighbor's camel was hit by a car ,“ Because I'm not familiar with the road , Most of them were hit by foreign vehicles .”

The extreme news reporter noticed , Previously, a netizen used to “ Protect camels ” entitled , Make an appeal through an official channel , He said that in recent years, many camels were killed on the road from Alxa Right Banner in Inner Mongolia to Jinchang City in Gansu Province , Not only farmers and herdsmen cause economic losses , It also endangers the travel safety of the masses . The netizen suggested building fences on both sides of relevant sections , Prevent livestock from entering and leaving at will , Install the surveillance camera , Resist traffic violations by accident drivers .

For the suggestions put forward by the netizen , The supervision office of Alxa Right Banner committee made a public reply , It is called to effectively strengthen road safety control in agricultural and pastoral areas , Fully guarantee the safety of people's lives and property , Effectively prevent traffic accidents caused by livestock on the road , The traffic police brigade of Qi public security bureau is applying for green reflective tape from the traffic management detachment of the league , The plan is distributed to herdsmen along the line ( Tied between the necks of livestock ), Used to remind passing vehicles to pay attention to livestock . And urge Su Mu to set up an uninterrupted fence along the road 、 Repair damaged fences, etc , Keep livestock off the road . At the same time, a rectification notice was issued to Gacha along the line , Urge Sumu and Gacha to actively publicize to farmers and herdsmen , Manage their livestock , Stay away from the road . The Department also said , The public security and Traffic Police Department of the banner will work with Bayan gaolesumu to set up interval speed measurement 、 Non fixed point flow velocity measurement 、 Pay attention to measures such as placing livestock signs , Remind drivers of passing vehicles to reduce speed and avoid livestock . meanwhile , Special personnel will be organized to conduct in-depth investigation in each area , Explain to farmers and herdsmen the danger of livestock breaking into the road , And traffic safety laws and regulations such as the division of responsibilities after a traffic accident when raising livestock into the highway , Further strengthen the management and protection of livestock by farmers and herdsmen , Ensure road traffic safety , Reduce the economic losses of farmers and herdsmen .

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