The scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident was exposed. The blood stained camel wreckage and the roof of the vehicle shed were all lifted

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scene yu yuexian car accident

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“ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian's sudden death was shocking , Many people couldn't believe it from the beginning , Later, I tried to find the truth of the accident .

8 month 10 Japan , Some media visited the scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident and exposed a group of photos , The tragic degree of the scene caused netizens to discuss .

It is reported that , Yu Yuexian's accident happened on a provincial road in Alxa Right Banner, Inner Mongolia .8 month 9 Early morning , Yu Yuexian for a job , And 3 Two staff members take the vehicle to the destination .

I didn't expect early in the morning 3 Some more , The moving vehicle suddenly collided with two camels , Although other passengers and drivers on the bus were seriously injured , But they were lucky to survive , Yu Yuexian was unfortunately killed , Two camels also died on the spot .

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