Year on year growth of 199% Tesla wholesale volume exceeded 30000 vehicles in July

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[ Car home New energy ]  In recent days, , Tesla announced the brand's success in the Chinese market 7 The wholesale sales volume in January was 32968 car ( Including export volume ), Year-on-year growth 199%. stay 7 month , Tesla's export volume exceeded... For the first time 2 Thousands of cars , Export volume increased month on month 385%, among Model 3( Parameters | inquiry ) The export volume reached 16137 car ,Model Y exit 8210 car .

 Tesla China Model 3 2021 paragraph Modification Performance High performance all wheel drive version 3D1

『 tesla Model 3』

Tesla in 7 In the second quarter earnings report released in June, it said ,“ Due to strong local market demand in the United States , At the same time, considering the optimization of global average cost , Tesla has completed the transformation of Shanghai Super factory as its main automobile export center ”, It is reported that , At present, Tesla made in China has been sold to Japan 、 Australia 、 New Zealand and other countries .

 Tesla China Model Y 2021 paragraph Long range all wheel drive version 3D7

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The recent concern is , tesla CEO Musk previously revealed on social media that , Tesla will be in the U.S. time 8 month 19 Day is held AI Day activities , The event is expected to be announced by Tesla in AI Latest progress in software and hardware ; At the same time, Tesla is currently produced in North America Model 3 as well as Model Y Are no longer equipped with radar , Instead, the camera is used as the core sensing element of automatic driving technology , This time AI Japanese , Tesla may reveal its achievements in the field of automatic driving technology based on pure vision , Tesla may also take advantage of this meeting to release the next generation of autonomous driving hardware (HW4.0). About Tesla and Tesla AI Japan , Please continue to pay attention to the report of Auto Home .( writing / Car home You Dongqing )

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