Faye Wong never leaves her hand for dinner. She communicates with Li Yan. She is coldly responded. Her mother and daughter don't take the same car home

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faye wong leaves hand dinner.

Faye Wong is called by netizens as “ Singing diva ”, Wandering in the singing world 32 Faye Wong , There have been countless classic songs , And almost won all the big prizes , Faye Wong is undoubtedly “ Music ceiling ” General existence .

however , Put aside the honor of career , At the end of the day , Faye Wong in life , Just like us ordinary people , It's a woman 、 It's a wife 、 She is also a mother who loves her children very much .

Faye Wong has two daughters , The eldest daughter Dou Jingtong was born to Faye Wong and her ex husband Dou Wei , now 24 year , Dou Jingtong inherited Faye Wong's artistic cells , At present, there are not only singles , Build a band , Also participated in many TV dramas .

And Faye Wong's little daughter Li Yan , He was born to his ex husband Li Yapeng , Mother and daughter have always been very close , however ,15 Li Yan has reached puberty , It's time for rebellion . It seems that sometimes I don't want to communicate with my mother .

8 month 10 Japan , The video of Faye Wong taking her daughter Li Yan to a friend's party was exposed on the Internet , In the video , Faye Wong and her daughter sit side by side at dinner , Faye Wong looked very happy that night , I had a good time talking with my friends during dinner . And I've been holding an electronic cigarette in my hand , Wang Fei will take a few puffs from time to time . We know , Faye Wong is an old smoker , Almost every time I was photographed, I couldn't leave my hand , Now Dou Jingtong has also formed the habit of smoking .

however , In sharp contrast to Faye Wong's elation , Li Yan, the daughter sitting on one side, doesn't seem to be in a good mood , period , Faye Wong took the initiative to turn her face and communicate with her daughter , Laughing and dancing , Seems to be sharing something happy with Li Yan . however , But she got the cold eye of her daughter , Ignore .

however , Then Li Yan turned her head to her friend , They talked happily , During this period, we also looked at the mobile phone together , I don't know what topic I'm talking about .

And after the dinner , A group of people came out of the room , At this time, Faye Wong got into her car , What's surprising is that , Li Yan didn't choose to go home in the same car as Faye Wong , But got into another car with a good friend . Last , Get off when you're almost home and walk home .

See the neglected Faye Wong , Netizens who have become parents should feel the same , It feels like the child is in his teens , I don't like to take care of myself . actually , The child is in his teens , Will prefer to communicate with their peers . And the generation gap with parents is obvious . however , This is a normal phenomenon from children to adolescence , There's nothing to worry about .

It's like , Li Yan used to have a birthday , It's Faye Wong or Li Yapeng , Spend time with , In this year 5 month , Li Yanguo 15 On your birthday , Just choose to invite a group of students to spend , And whether it's Faye Wong , Or Li Yapeng did not appear .

Unlike her sister Dou Jingtong, who likes music and performance , Li Yan didn't like music very much since she was a child , Instead, I like painting very much , And very artistic . I have shared my paintings on social media many times . And even worse , Li Yan 7 At the age of , Painting “ Panda and bird ” At the charity party, it sold for millions . Of course , The meaning of charity is greater than the value of the painting itself .

meanwhile , Li Yan also held a personal painting exhibition , Li Yapeng helped organize , Invited many friends in the circle to participate in the exhibition , On that day, many paintings were sold for charity , stay 2020 year , Li Yapeng once again invited friends in the circle , Attend a charity party , Finally, another painting by Li Yan , Photographed by actor Lou Yixiao for millions .

We know , Li Yan once suffered from cleft lip and palate at birth , After operation, it was successfully corrected , That's why , Li Yapeng and Faye Wong set up Yanran Charity Fund . Later, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng divorced , But Yanran fund still operates normally . Help more sick children .

Now , Daughter Li Yan has gradually grown up , Faye Wong also gradually withdrew from the public eye , Few works , Concentrate on enjoying life , Every time I'm photographed , Either at a party or with children , Life is pleasant and happy .

however , In contrast, Li Yapeng after divorce , In recent years, there have been various troubles , I have invested in many projects and lost money , Among them, the most net transmission loss is the Lijiang town project .

And on 8 month 8 Japan , Li Yapeng company has added a new item of executee information , Li Yapeng's name is about 7 More than ten million yuan of equity has been frozen . before , On the Internet, there was also a telephone recording of Li Yapeng being urged by creditors .

I do not know! , Will Faye Wong look for her daughter Li Yan's sake , Help Li Yapeng tide over the difficulties ?

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