The 73 year old sister of TVB was exposed to own more than 160 million properties and used one yuan to buy 1.5 million yuan of parking spaces

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year old sister tvb exposed

Just had 73 Wang Mingquan did not celebrate his birthday because of the epidemic , Instead, I ate with my husband Luo Jiaying's house to celebrate , The degree of adhesion to the ground is really admirable . Of course, it is matched by her “ Rich life ”, This kind of rich life is its own wealth , It's also frugal .

It is understood that the market value of the villa where Wang Mingquan now lives is about 6000 All around , Located in clear water bay , Not only has an invincible sea view , It can also see the mountain scenery , In addition, there are wide balconies and French windows . Although this mansion is expensive , But Wang Mingquan never wanted to sell , Enough to show her deep love for here , In addition, many young people come here to celebrate the new year with them every year , It's very lively .

But according to Hong Kong media 8 month 30 Report no , Wang Mingquan doesn't just have this mansion , The vertical and horizontal entertainment circle is as long as 50 The elder sister of many years actually has 1 Billion 6 thousand 4 A property of more than HK $1 million .

Except for this permanent villa in clear water bay , There are also middle-level units with broadcasting channels , Current market value 3800 ten thousand 、 The lower level unit of kappa park on Radio Road , Market value 1800 ten thousand , And now rise to 2800 Wan's Austin Road Grand Austin. In addition, Wang Mingquan has three connected units as studios in the Meiluo center in Kowloon Bay , The market value is about 2000 ten thousand .

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