The director revealed that Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. It is suspected that the driver was tired driving. His brother disclosed the reason why Yu Yuexian didn't have a child

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director revealed yu yuexian died

8 month 9 Japan , The entertainment industry is turbulent again , The popular actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , It is reported that , Recently, Yu Yuexian shot a new work in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , The vehicle in which he was riding had an accident due to excessive speed , Finally, Yu Yuexian was seriously injured and died , At the age of 50 year .

Yu Yuexian's accidental death shocked and saddened both inside and outside the industry , After the incident , Many star relatives and friends have posted blogs to mourn , It can be said to be true , Let a person deeply , With the tough and optimistic on the screen “ Thank you ” equally , Yu Yuexian is also kind and kind , Won the love and respect of the people around .

After the death of Yu Yuexian , The media specially interviewed his surrounding relatives and friends , So that we can learn more about Yu Yuexian's personality , among , Yu Yingjie, Yu Yuexian's younger brother, was also mentioned in this character interview , As a person who has always been favored by his sister , The sudden death of my sister , It is bound to make the sick brother grieve .

before , Yu Yingjie wrote in the article 《 Love and love , Let's go ahead 》 Mentioned in ,2005 During the Spring Festival , I heard my sister reveal to her mother that she was going to have a baby , He claimed that he would stop work and rest after playing the play at hand , Everything is planned for the pregnancy of the spare tire , For this reason, the whole family feel happy and look forward to it .

In a play 《 Holy Well 》 Occasion , Zhao Benshan, who sat down and watched carefully, was moved by Yu Yuexian's vivid performance , Then he invited him to participate in the TV play 《 Rural love 》, In the face of a sudden play , Yu Yuexian is hard to choose for a moment , Finally, the decision will be made after discussing with her husband Zhang Xuesong .

The fact proved that , Yu Yuexian finally chose her career and came to 《 Rural love 》 The crew of , That's why , Yu Yuexian missed the best childbearing age , And on the screen “ Thank you ” Given a fresh soul , To shape this character , Yu Yuexian, who looks beautiful, doesn't hesitate to destroy her image , Took a more serious and focused working attitude .

in addition , Yu Yuexian is most worried about her brother's illness , Yu Yingjie suffers from congenital scoliosis , So , Yu Yuexian worked hard to make money , Just to make my brother have a healthy life as soon as possible , At that time 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The villain in , Yu Yuexian's goal is to get the film pay as soon as possible , Pay medical expenses for my brother .

besides , The media also interviewed 《 Rural love 》 Zhou Yingnan, one of the directors of the series , After Yu Yuexian died , Zhou Yingnan published a long article to remember and mourn , With delicate strokes, it recorded the memories of the two people since they met .

Because shooting 《 Rural love 》, Most of the crew, including Yu Yuexian, spent the Spring Festival in Sanya , In Zhou Yingnan's eyes , Yu Yuexian is filial and sensible , I call my parents every day , As long as there are conditions , I will take my parents to take care of them , After my father died , In order to spend more time with her mother , We also specially prepared a self media column 《 Big feet go everywhere , Take mom on a trip 》.

in addition , Zhou Yingnan also revealed some inside information about the accident , The car accident happened around 3:30 in the morning , The car hit a camel on the road , Zhou Yingnan said , It's probably because the driver is tired , Or the camel appeared where it shouldn't have appeared , If it's still light , The driver may wake up , Finally, I failed to avoid the disaster , If the driver was conscious , If you can see the camel from a distance , This tragedy probably won't happen .

It's just that this man is dead , Irrecoverable , It left us all with grief and regret , I wish sister Yuexian could have peace in another world , You've been working too hard all your life , I hope you will be carefree in the afterlife , What you get is what you want .

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