Yu Yuexian died in a car accident at the age of 50! In order to take care of his parents and brother, he didn't want a son and a half

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yu yuexian died car accident

We never know which comes first tomorrow or accident , Only cherish the present , Leaving no regrets is the most important thing .

Only when the accident comes , We will know that life has no future , Only live in the moment . Don't wait until you are dying to remember a lot of things you haven't done . After all , Tomorrow and the accident , You never know which comes first .

8 month 9 Japan , The famous actress Yu Yuexian had an accident , A car accident made her leave us forever . It's only years now 50 year , Can't help but sigh .

Accidental death , It's a pity

according to the understanding of ,8 month 9 The morning of , Yu Yuexian and the crew are filming in Alashan, Inner Mongolia . In the morning 3:30, When the staff in the same group drive the car to the road , There was a fierce collision with two passing camels .

Due to excessive speed , The driver and other passengers were hit to varying degrees . Yu Yuexian, who was riding in the car at that time, suffered heavy losses , Died after ineffective rescue , The traffic accident also caused the direct death of two camels .

As soon as the news of Yu Yuexian's death spread , People in the industry were shocked and regretted .

Yu Yuexian, who graduated from the Central Academy of drama, has always been a very grounded actor , He has created many popular characters for everyone on the screen . among 《 Rural love 》 The series makes Yu Yuexian enter thousands of families , Become something that the audience will remember deeply “ Thank you ”.

since 2006 After starting to play country love in , After Yu Yuexian 14 I have never been absent during the shooting time of , Not only accompanied the growth of generations , It also constitutes the memories of many people's youth . It's just that the TV series hasn't finished yet , Xie Dajiao, the favorite in Ivory hill, left the canteen forever .

Happy family

Yu Yuexian not only has a smooth career in real life , Family is also happy . She found a husband who knows her very well , Marry Zhang Xuesong 20 many years , Although they have no children , But still love as before .

It is reported that , The two were alumni of Chinese opera , There is a tacit understanding in speech and behavior . In school, love is enviable , What's more, two people can always be sweet together 20 many years , Continue this beautiful and pure feeling to middle age . Such love is beyond the reach of many people , The two are also known as the recognized model couple in the circle .

Although her husband Zhang Xuesong is not as famous as her , But he is willing to be the man behind the career woman . In the life , Zhang Xuesong gave Yu Yuexian meticulous care and care , He has become a good man who takes care of his family .

It's the Moon Fairy shooting 《 Rural love 》 period , Because the body can't keep up with the rhythm , Coupled with high-intensity shooting , For a time, Yu Yuexian's body was in a hurry . Seeing this , Zhang Xuesong put down all the urgent things at hand , Rush to Yu Yuexian for the first time , Take care of her daily life , Carefully responsible for all the small details of her life .

little does one think , Such love has encountered an accident . Just a few days apart , Husband and wife are separated by Yin and Yang .

The bitterness behind the brilliance

People like to see the bright surface , But ignore the bitter past behind . Everyone wants to see the story of the ugly duckling counter attacking into a swan , But the bitterness and efforts are like drinking water , affair . Yu Yuexian is another example , Behind her fame , In fact, I have a very heavy burden of life .

Because of the old ideas of the older generation , The idea of raising children and preventing old age has always been rooted in Yu Yuexian's heart . In a program , The program group invited Yu Yuexian's elderly mother to be a guest , Unexpectedly, it revealed some cruel reality . Because Yu Yuexian is the first child in the family , Daughter again , So I've been complaining .

But what people never thought of is , Although the mother finally gave birth to her son , But his brother is disabled . He was born with a disease , Scoliosis is very serious . This fact undoubtedly gives the whole family a blow , We haven't had time to be happy , Finally, my son has become a serious burden on the family .

In such a patriarchal era , The hard work of Yu Yuexian as a child can be imagined . The sadness and helplessness of son preference , Yu Yuexian learned a painful lesson when she was a child , Even such old ideas affected her future fertility ideas . That's why , Yu Yuexian tried to prove herself to them , Keep working hard .

The eldest sister is like her mother, who is in charge of the family

The burden of living at home is too heavy , Yu Yuexian had to go out to work early , At a young age, he has taken up the burden of supporting his family . As the eldest sister in the family , She not only has to take care of her parents , Also responsible for my brother .

She once promised her mother that she would support her in old age , And take good care of your disabled brother . Even if mother's legs and feet are inconvenient , Even if the mother prefers sons to daughters, she loves her brother more , But she still hopes that her mother can have a good body and mind . I will do my best , Bring them an improvement in their lives .

What Yu Yuexian has done in recent years , It also proves her original promise . Since Yu Yuexian made money , Not only for his brother to bear the cost of follow-up treatment , He also took meticulous care of him . To take care of the family , Yu Yuexian neglected to take care of her husband and wanted a son and a half , Finally, we can only or even give up having children .

The good thing is that all Yuexian's decisions have been supported and understood by her husband , And her husband helped her take care of her disabled brother . I didn't expect that when they wanted children , But I have missed the best childbearing time , So they are middle-aged but have no children .

Throughout Yu Yuexian's short life , She seems to be apart from love , All living for others . Live for your mother , Live for your brother , Live for your family . She has always been a good wife 、 Good actors 、 Good sister 、 The identity of a good daughter , But not one day is the real Yu Yuexian .

And whether she really lived for herself , We don't know . A person's life is very short , Women should live for themselves . You can't always grievance yourself in order to satisfy others . A person's whole life is just more than ten years , If you are not loyal to your heart, live for yourself , A person's life is equivalent to walking in vain .

Again , We don't have to try our best to please everyone , Just do your best , Be a man , Even without the approval of others , Will live a wonderful life . Even if no one appreciates , Can also live beautifully .

Life is short , Live for yourself , Be the protagonist in your story , Instead of those indispensable supporting roles . Life is too short , Enjoy pleasure in good time , Why compromise for others , Sacrifice your precious life .

Thanks for watching , Pay attention to me , Learn more entertainment stories !

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