Qiongyao drama actress Chen XianMei suffered a car accident. Her family had gallbladder surgery. When she came home, she collapsed and cried

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qiongyao drama actress chen xianmei

In recent days, , Chen XianMei shared her recent situation on the social platform , She revealed that she had experienced a small car accident , It rained heavily and sent the child back to his mother's house , When I got home, I collapsed and cried . Because work and family collide , Maybe I can't handle it for a while . She also mentioned that the Indians were going to have a cholecystectomy , Suspected to be your husband .

Chen XianMei also attached her photo , In the picture, she is wearing a white striped shirt , Wearing a transparent mask on his head to cover his whole face , Although she was wearing sick clothes , But it looks very good .

There's another picture , Chen XianMei is lying on the hospital bed , Wearing a mask , Being pushed , Her eyes are very blurred , It should be treated after the car accident , The whole person looked very tired .

After Chen XianMei published her article , Many friends in the circle send their own comfort , Model pan Boxi and actor Li Liangjin are also among them .

Maybe many people don't know Chen XianMei , Chen XianMei is a famous Qiongyao opera star , She established her position in Taiwan's performing arts circle with a large number of local dramas , Become a popular heroine at eight o'clock .2014 year , Chen XianMei gave birth to a son , Then slowly fade out of the entertainment industry , Concentrate on taking care of your son .

Not long ago , Chen XianMei announced her comeback to support her family , In an interview , Chen XianMei said that she hasn't washed her face well in the seven years since she retired from the entertainment industry .

Chen XianMei said that after she got married , Took on the important task of housewife , Put the focus of life on children , In addition to picking up and seeing off children, I seldom go out , There's no time for makeup .

Now , Chen XianMei had an accident , The husband is also undergoing surgery , It should also be very painful that I failed to take care of my son , I can't help crying alone , I hope she can have a good rest , Whether it's for yourself or your family .

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