Zheng Hengdun fainted due to panic. Che Taixian revealed that he had the same experience. Caring for each other has become his spiritual pillar

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zheng hengdun fainted panic. panic

In recent days, , Funny artist and host Zheng Hengdun appeared in the variety show 《 The problem of house tower room, children 》, It triggered a heated debate among the public . Zheng Hengdun retired from the entertainment circle for a period of time because of the recurrence of panic disorder , So when he re appeared in some programs, everyone was very concerned . It can be seen from the state of the show that he adjusted well .

Zheng Hengdun seldom talked about his emotional illness in the program before , Because he himself is stronger , And he doesn't want to have negative emotions to bring to his fans and audience . But as you get older , Zheng Hengdun's state of mind has changed a lot , He doesn't think it's bad to disclose his illness , It can also encourage people who have the same experience .

In this program , Che Taixian, Zheng Hengdun's friend for many years, also starred . Che Taixian admitted that he had the same experience as Zheng Hengdun , I've had panic attacks before . After knowing this, netizens said they couldn't believe it , Because Zheng Hengdun always feels very sunny and cheerful . Che Taixian also recalled that Zheng Hengdun fainted because of panic disorder , Later, in order to encourage him to support his story behind his back .

Che Taixian said that when he knew he had panic disorder in the early stage, he also hid it , But later, great changes have taken place in mentality . Che Taixian and Zheng Hengdun have always been encouraging and supporting each other , The hosts also compared Che Taixian to Uncle long legs , Always bring warmth to the people around . Zheng Hengdun also repeatedly thanked Zheng Hengdun in the program , It can be seen that their feelings are really very good .

Zheng Hengdun is also slowly returning to work , The condition has stabilized . Although my career stagnated because I left for a period of time , But it's not a big problem to continue to receive notices with his hosting ability . Plus he has a pair of very lovely twins , Has always been his spiritual pillar , Work hard for them .

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