Zhao Liying's driver shows up at Feng Shaofeng's house! Millions of luxury cars parked in the basement. I was busy working and never showed up

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zhao liying driver shows feng

In recent days, , Some media photographed Zhao Liying's driver showing up at Feng Shaofeng's house , And Zhao Liying didn't show up . In the video , Feng Shaofeng is wearing a black T T-shirt , Wearing a pair of blue slacks , Wearing glasses and masks , It looks very low-key , At this time, he just came back from the outside , Walking home .

Then the media found Zhao Liying's driver . Zhao Liying's driver passed Feng Shaofeng's car , The driver is wearing a white T T-shirt , Striding towards Feng Shaofeng's house .

Then the media broke the news and found Zhao Liying's car in Feng Shaofeng's basement . Black appearance , The car has smooth lines and great atmosphere .

It is reported that , The price of Zhao Liying's car found in the garage is more than one million yuan . Sure enough, it's the car of a female star , The appearance is grand and the interior is spacious , It can meet the daily needs .

According to the media , Zhao Liying shot an advertisement in Shanghai the day before yesterday . From the live video , Zhao Liying's skin is white and smooth , Slim figure , It looks good .

A few months ago , Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng are officially divorced , Since then, the two have no interaction , But they still raise their children together , Although there is no interaction on the social platform , But in private, the two are still connected .

Previously, the media disclosed the picture of Zhao Liying moving back to her former love nest after her divorce , Zhao Liying was after the official announced the divorce , Arrive in Shanghai to find Feng Shaofeng to move .

After the divorce, Zhao Liying devoted herself to her career , Work conscientiously . Recently, Zhao Liying participated in Zhang Jie's new song MV Shooting , stay MV Zhao Liying is wearing a shirt and pleated skirt , Black long straight with a sweet smile , It's exactly what many people dream of being a middle school sister , I can't see the birth of a child at all .

Zhao Liying, who participated in brand activities, also looks quite good , White skin, slim figure and sweet smile , Like a teenage girl , Completely unaffected by the divorce storm .

After the divorce, Zhao Liying devoted herself to her career , Keep trying to make money and live , Despite a failed marriage , But Zhao Liying is still at her best , Live your most beautiful appearance .

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