Kim Jong Kuk Cha Seung Won is nagging the king Lee Guangzhu program crazy Tucao netizen make complaints about: skin itch again?

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kim jong kuk cha seung

Ever since Lee Kwang soo 《running man》 After getting off the bus in the program , Fans and audiences miss him very much , Many people still don't like the days when they can't see him once a week . But we also know that getting off the show is more conducive to his development as an actor . And Li Guangzhu in order to let the fans see him during the filming , Also try to find time to play some programs as guests . In the latest issue 《 My bear child 》 in , Li Guangzhu took a special MC Acting as .

Li Guangzhu also appeared in the program to promote his films 《 Tian hang 》, Cooperate with Jin Zhongguo's friend Che Shengyuan in the film . When asked which of Che Shengyuan and Jin Zhongguo is more nagging , Li Guangzhu admitted that the two were actually equal , But Kim Jong Kook speaks more . Hearing Li Guangzhu's description , The mothers present also laughed one after another , The atmosphere at the scene was very harmonious .

Because it's like a family relationship with Kim Jong Kook , So Kim Jong Kook's mother also loved him as half a son . As soon as Li Guangzhu appeared , Kim Jong Kwok's mother led other mothers to encourage him , Very loving . And the hosts are very good at , Ask Li Guangzhu some interesting stories about Kim Jong Un .

Li Guangzhu said that Kim Jong Kook's desire to win or lose is so great that he can't resist , Shooting 《running man》 When you lose the game , Kim Jong Kwok will tell him “ You lost the battle with yourself ”. And if Kim Jong Kook is “ The spy ” Role , Follow him even if you go to the bathroom , It makes people laugh and cry .

But Lee Guangzhu make complaints about Kim Jong Kuk in the program , But it can be seen that the relationship between the two is really very good , Otherwise, you can't share these details so recklessly . Old fans who have followed the program know that although Jin Zhongguo and Li Guangzhu have never stopped bickering in the program , But privately, Kim Jong Kwok takes good care of his brother , Li Guangzhu had many difficult hurdles, all of which came through with the encouragement of Kim Jong Kook .

This movie starring Li Guangzhu 《 Tian hang 》 Although there is not much media publicity so far , But because of the strong combination of Che Shengyuan and Li Guangzhu , A lot of people in the film industry have been paying attention to , I believe the film can get a good response when it is broadcast .

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