When Yu Yuexian died, his luxury car was exposed, the whole roof was lifted, and the vehicle was seriously damaged

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yu yuexian died luxury car

preface :2021 year 8 month 9 Early morning , stay 《 Rural love 》 As “ Thank you ” The famous actor Yu Yuexian , He was killed in a car accident in Alxa Right Banner, Inner Mongolia , At the age of 50 year . After the news spread , Netizens cried sadly “《 Rural love 》 No more thanks to big feet ”.

8 month 10 Japan , A reporter saw the incident vehicle in the parking lot of the accident vehicle of the local traffic police team , This is a Land Rover , It's a top luxury car . You can see from the picture : The vehicle was badly damaged , The whole roof was lifted . Xu Juncheng, instructor of Alashan Right Banner traffic police brigade, said : Yu Yuexian sits behind the co pilot , At the time of the incident, all four people in the car were wearing seat belts .

and , At that time, two camels hit by Land Rover also died , It can be seen that the speed was very fast .8 month 10 Early morning ,《 Rural love 》 One of the directors, Zhou Yingnan , Send a long article on Weibo to mourn Yu Yuexian . He recalled his first acquaintance with Yu Yuexian , Li Zan Yu Yuexian is a good daughter 、 Good sister 、 Good wife 、 A good friend 、 Good actors 、 A good man .

Zhou Yingnan's memory of the Moon Fairy caused netizens to cry :“ What a good man , Why should I be killed by accident , Look at your tears .”“ Tears streaming down her face , Aunt Bigfoot, go all the way ”、“ This paragraph of text cried , Too sincere , It's so fresh , In your heart , She never left ”.

seen 《 Rural love 》 The audience knows , There is a in the play “ Bigfoot supermarket ”, Xie Dajiao, played by Yu Yuexian, is the boss , And the employees are “ Wang Yun ”, Ge Shanshan, Wang Yun's actor, also posted a long article on her microblog to mourn Yu Yuexian , She recalled her relationship with Yu Yuexian 16 The initial years ago , Yu Yuexian taught herself how to brew emotions in filming .

Ge Shanshan expressed grief that she had cried all day :“ It hurts to see your news , I still want to see it , Want to know more about your last news . It must hurt , Suffer , You've worked hard all your life , Maybe I'm going to have a good time !” Wu Qinggong, a non famous entertainer, pointed out : Ge Shanshan hopes to meet Yu Yuexian in her next life .

Netizens also expressed that :“ The supermarket must be open ! That's what she thought , Wang Yun must be well .”“ Aunt Yun , Please watch the big foot supermarket for big foot , She will come back , Grief !” Actually , Can the supermarket open , It depends on Zhao Benshan , see 《 Rural love 》 The writer , What GE Shanshan said doesn't count .

Yu Yuexian was born in Inner Mongolia , Become famous in the Northeast , Finally, he died in Inner Mongolia , Really sad . Yu Yuexian's last direct tweet was 8 month 4 Japan , Yu Yuexian posted a video of herself picking mushrooms on the grassland on the social platform . Also assist in the promotion of hometown agricultural products , Dig potatoes with the boss of agricultural products , She loves her hometown so much .

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