Optimize driving experience Zero run T03 push the latest OTA version

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optimize driving experience zero run

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We learned from the authorities that , Zero run T03( Parameters | inquiry ) Released 1.01.68 The latest version of OTA upgrade , Mainly for battery management system 、 Vehicle controller 、 The motor controller has been upgraded , The driving stability and safety are further improved .

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『 A new temperature warning sign is added at the bottom of the instrument panel ( Red )』

stay BMS Battery management system , After upgrading, it can more intelligently judge whether the battery is too warm , The instrument can also receive and timely output relevant signals for reminding . In terms of vehicle controller , Now Zero run T03 stay OTA After upgrading , Reverse and standard mode , Whether it's downhill or parallel waiting , Gently press the accelerator to unlock the stationary or braking state , If you continue to give an initial advance , When the pedal is released, the vehicle will creep automatically . Besides , this OTA The upgrade also optimizes the low speed control strategy , So as to improve driving comfort .

 Zero car Zero run T03 2021 paragraph 400 Comfort Edition

『 Zero run T03 2021 paragraph 400 Comfort Edition 』

In other ways , For zero runs T03 Comfort Edition , The constant speed cruise control strategy is also optimized , That is, press and hold the constant speed endurance function key to push out , So as to improve the convenience of driving and handling . this OTA The upgrade also adds adaptations 2020、2021 paragraph T03 Owner's Manual , And you can view the user manual of the model separately .( writing / Car home Hou Minghao )

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