The details of Yu Yuexian's car accident were exposed, and the stars sent a document to mourn. She was questioned about taking the opportunity to rub hot search?

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details yu yuexian car accident

Tomorrow and accident never know which one will come first , Good people don't live long , Bad guys don't see bad news , Maybe the time is too short , Meet too late , Sincere but not brave enough ,…… What is your life .

2021 Year is an extraordinary year , An outbreak of coronary disease , Let people suddenly realize the value of life , Let people have a new understanding of life . After that, many old artists in the entertainment industry died one after another , Not only do relatives suffer , It's even harder for fans to accept .

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In recent days, , I was in 《 Rural love 》 in , rely on “ Thank you ” A popular actor Yu Yuexian , When filming in Alashan, Inner Mongolia, an accident occurred due to too fast speed , He was declared dead because of his serious injury , When the bad news comes out , Many netizens said they didn't believe , Because the day before , She's also posting updates on social platforms , In the video, she has a ruddy face and a smile , So cheerful and lively “ Aunt Bigfoot ” It's impossible to leave us .

I didn't expect it. , The official media also confirmed the accuracy of the news , And said that Yu Yuexian's staff and family have rushed to the local area to deal with the follow-up matters .

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