Latest: the SUV roof of Yu Yuexian was lifted, the car condition was terrible, and four people wore seat belts

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latest suv roof yu yuexian

8 month 9 Japan ,“ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian was in a car accident , He died of serious injury , The news came suddenly , It's a surprise .“ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian's death , It's sad and regrettable , Many stars mourn Yu Yuexian on Weibo .

8 month 10 Japan , According to the latest news released by the police , Yu Yuexian's death in a car accident has made the latest progress .

The news of Yu Yuexian's death has attracted a lot of attention , Many people also speculated that Yu Yuexian didn't wear a seat belt , The serious consequences of death . After all, according to the report , The other three people in the car were injured .

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