Star of the car accident: Liu Xiaoguang died for 55 yuan. Xie Dajiao and Xiangfei are classmates

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star car accident liu xiaoguang

8 month 9 A piece of bad news came from the entertainment circle on the th ,“ Aunt Bigfoot ” Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Various stars and netizens have sent messages to mourn .

In the past 15 In the year ,“ Aunt Bigfoot ” This image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , So suddenly I heard the news , Many people are unbelievable .

And in the entertainment industry , It's not just Yu Yuexian who suffered such misfortune , Many other artists died accidentally in car accidents for various reasons , Make the audience sad .

One 、 Yu Yuexian

The audience's impression of the Moon Fairy , Basically stay in “ Aunt Bigfoot ”, Many people may not know , Yu Yuexian is a serious professional .

Yu Yuexian is a Chinese opera 92 A member of the class , My classmates and Liu Dan 、 Yellow Sea Ice 、 Guo Tao et al .

Yu Yuexian's early acting career was not smooth . Just graduated , She and her husband Zhang Xuesong couldn't get the play , Living conditions are very poor . however , Two people support each other , No matter how hard it was, it survived .

But , Later, Yu Yuexian's brother was seriously ill , Scoliosis is very serious , Urgent need of money for surgery . So , Yu Yuexian also took on a role she didn't like ―― Chen Wuzhen .

seen 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The audience knows , This is a more dusty role . So , Yu Yuexian for her brother , Also sacrificed their own image .

here we are 2006 year , Zhao Benshan finally began to reuse Yu Yuexian , Let her be 《 Rural love 》 In the series “ Thank you ”.

To get close to the character , at that time 30 Next year's Yu Yuexian also specially went to the countryside “ practice ”, And fatten up 20 Jin ,15 Years of careful shaping of an image , Really dedicated .

Such a warm and kind 、 A dedicated actor , Who wouldn't like it ?

Two 、 Liu Dan

As I said before , Liu Dan and Yu Yuexian are classmates , And both of them died in a car accident , It's fate .

Liu Dan practiced dancing in his early years , Later, he was admitted to Chinese opera . With outstanding appearance conditions , Liu Dan's road to acting has been smooth .

Shortly after graduation , With 《 Torch stronghold 》 Make a successful debut . Later, he appeared in 《 Xinlongmen Inn 》、《 Loess soul 》 Etc .

Of course , What impressed the audience most , But also belong to 《 Princess huanzhu 2》 Inside “ Xiang Fei ”. When she made her debut , It really surprised a lot of the audience , I can't help feeling “ How could it be so beautiful ?”

Liu dancai 26 year , It has spread all over Asia , It's a promising future . However , An unexpected car accident , But took away this shining new star .

2000 year 1 month 30 Japan , Liu Dan drove to Shenzhen with two friends . halfway , In order to avoid the obstacles ahead, the vehicle turned sharply , Liu Dan, who didn't wear his seat belt, was thrown out of the car , Finally, he died .

Unfortunately, Liu Dan has been busy with his career , I haven't had time to start a family yet . Years old 27 Left us at the age of , It's heartbreaking .

3、 ... and 、 Zhang Yusheng

The most influential singer in the 1980s and 1990s , Zhang Yusheng definitely has a place .

1988 year , Zhang Yusheng 《 My future is not a dream 》 Spring into fame . In that love song 、 The age of Golden Melody billboard , Such an inspirational song brings a different feeling to the audience .

I believe until now , Many people see the title of this song , Can hum its melody .

Same year , Zhang Yusheng released his first album 《 I miss you every day 》, Hit a 35 10000 sales records . The title song of the same name , It has also become one of his representative works .

For the next few years , Zhang Yusheng successively issued 《 The sea 》、《 A fish that swims all day long 》 Other songs , They have all become popular classics , He is also known as “ Taiwan Music magician ”.

later , Zhang Yusheng gradually turned from front of the stage to behind the scenes , He helped many young singers , One of the most famous is Zhang Huimei .

1997 year 10 month 20 Early morning ,31 Year old Zhang Yusheng had a car accident on his way back to Danshui , Head injury hospitalized . Less than a month later , Zhang Yusheng's injury worsened , Finally, the treatment failed and unfortunately died .

In view of his outstanding contribution to the music industry ,2017 The Taiwan Golden Melody Award awarded Zhang Yusheng a special contribution award .

Four 、 Lausanne

not a few 80、90 I'm sure I'm no stranger to Lausanne , He was often seen on TV .

Actually , At first Lausanne was a dancer . however , As the body is getting fatter and fatter , His dance career is over .

Fortunately, Lausanne has a strong talent for imitation , Speaking, learning, teasing and singing are all right , My oral skills and Kung Fu are very good . also , Lausanne's charming image has a natural funny advantage ,

therefore , Yin Bolin took him as his disciple , Take him on the show .1993 year , Lausanne relies on 《 Quyuan Zatan 》 The performance in is popular all over the country , It has also been praised by the elder crosstalk Ma Ji .

If Lausanne goes well , Definitely become a well-known crosstalk star .

However ,1995 year 10 month 2 Japan , Lausanne had a car accident due to drunk driving . Because the injury is too serious , He died before he had time to rescue , Years old 27 year . after that , There was no more 《 Lausanne learned art 》 This program is over .

After Lausanne died , His parents buried his son's ashes in Qingcheng Mountain, Sichuan , Just to get him closer to his family .

5、 ... and 、 Xu Weilun

Xu Weilun's accidental death , So far, many people find it difficult to accept . Yes, a lot 90 In terms of after , Xu Weilun can be called “ Idol goddess ” 了 .

She is sweet and lovely , In terms of looks, it's not inferior to the current popular florets . also , As soon as he made his debut, he appeared in the hottest idol drama at that time 《 Meteor garden 》, rely on “ Asarum ” This image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

later , She has worked with many famous idols , Like Lin Zhiying 、 Zhong Hanliang 、 Xu Ruo �u wait forsomeone , The acting career has been smooth .

and , Because of her good character 、 Treat others sincerely , Her entertainment circle is also very popular . Lin Yichen 、 Rainie Yang and others are very good friends with her .

Maybe God is jealous of her , That's why she suffered misfortune at a young age .

2007 year 1 month 26 Japan , Xu Weilun and his assistant passed Zhongshan Expressway and had an accident . Xu Weilun was rescued in the hospital two days later , Eventually he died , Years old 28 year .

After her death , Lin Yichen and others celebrate her birthday every year , To commemorate their friendship .

6、 ... and 、 Nie Xin

Nie Xin first relied on music TV series 《 Fruit girl 》 career .

Maybe many people have never heard of this TV play , But there are many stars in it , For example, Jin Dong and a duo .

Nie Xin's appearance is very high , Fresh face 、 Her big eyes with full aura added a lot of points to her , Especially when combing short hair , Looks very capable .

2004 year , Nie Xin appeared in a TV play 《 Blue fox 》. As China's first TV drama about ancient women ,《 Blue fox 》 The influence of is really not small , Nie Xin also relies on “ Liu Dan ” This character is popular .

after that , Nie Xin's resources are getting better and better . First, I signed a contract with Ning Hao studio , Become the only female artist under the banner . Then I made a short film with Huang Bo 《 Soul Ultimate Nation 》, Also shortlisted for the Hong Kong Film Festival .

after , She followed Chen Baoguo one after another 、 Zhang Fengyi and other famous stars cooperate , And basically she plays the heroine , The future is bright .

However ,2013 Nie Xin was filming 《 A home that will never fade 》 In a car accident , The spine is badly damaged .

Although I saved my life temporarily after rescue , But then things got worse .2014 year 6 month 30 Japan , Nie Xin died , Years old 34 year .

7、 ... and 、 Niu Zhenhua

The name Niu Zhenhua , It is strange to many young people . But as a national first-class actor , There is no doubt about his strength and contribution .

He created and performed more than 100 crosstalk works in his life , At the same time, he also participated in the creation and performance of a large number of drama sketches . He has also been on the Spring Festival Gala , Left a deep memory for the national audience .

also , He has also made great achievements in the field of film and television drama . Among them, the more famous works are :《 Legend of the God of wealth 》、《 Back to back 、 Face to face 》 wait . He also relies on 《 Stand up straight , Don't get down 》 Won the Hundred Flowers Award for best male host .

He has a very good relationship with director Huang Jianxin , Huang Jianxin even launched “ Niu Zhenhua trilogy ”, This allows him to gallop in the field of film and television .

However , After his success, Niu Zhenhua had an accident .2004 year 5 month 11 Japan , After drinking, Niu Zhenhua drove his Mercedes , Hit a big truck ahead , Niu Zhenhua died on the spot .

Such a respected and famous actor , But because drunk driving ended his life , I can't help but feel sorry .

8、 ... and 、 Zhang Xiaoguang

Zhang Xiaoguang was an early disciple of Zhao Benshan , Ranked 10th among many disciples .

Zhao Benshan is also very good to him ,《 Ma Da Shuai 》、《 Laugh at the world 》、《 Rural love 》 And so on , All have his figure , The future is great .

although , In the play, he often plays a bullying hooligan , But in real life , He is very kind to others .

2016 year , Zhang Xiaoguang rode his motorcycle through the high-speed toll station , in order to “ flee 55 Yuan ticket ”, He followed the car in front . But because the speed is too fast , Hit the railing in front , Died on the spot .

After learning about it , Netizens feel sorry and confused at the same time “ As Zhang Xiaoguang , Why covet such a small bargain ?”

After Zhang Xiaoguang died , His brothers came out to mourn , It can be seen that his status and popularity in the school .

The death of these stars , Left a lot of regret to the audience . But with heartache and regret , These bloody cases also alert us all the time .

No matter when , Pay attention to driving safety , Don't take chances , Tired driving 、 Drunk driving is even more undesirable .

Safe driving is not only responsible for yourself and your family , Also responsible for other people driving on the road , It is also responsible for the whole society .


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