Tesla China's exports increased by 385% month on month in July, and the annual cumulative sales exceeded 200000 units

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tesla china exports increased month

【TechWeb】 In recent days, , China's auto sales data released by the passenger Federation show that ,7 Tesla's wholesale sales reached 32,968 car , Year-on-year growth 199%. end 7 month , Tesla has sold more than 20 Thousands of cars , achieve 205,763 car .

It is worth noting that ,7 In January, Tesla's export volume exceeded... For the first time 2 Thousands of cars , Export volume increased month on month 385%, among Model 3 Exports hit a new high , achieve 16,137 car ; and Model Y The first month of export achieved 8,210 Results of .

Export surge Shanghai Super factory once again “ Who, ”

Tesla in 7 In the second quarter earnings report released in June, it said ," Due to strong local market demand in the United States , At the same time, considering the optimization of global average cost , Tesla has completed the transformation of Shanghai Super factory as its main automobile export center ”, The strategic position of Shanghai Super factory in Tesla's global layout is self-evident .

according to the understanding of , At present, Tesla models made in China have been sold to Japan 、 Australia 、 New Zealand 、 Singapore and other countries and Hong Kong, China , It was warmly welcomed and widely praised by local car owners .

British Association of automobile manufacturers and traders SMMT Publish data showing ,Model 3 With 5,468 The performance of the car has become 6 The best-selling car in Britain this month , Eclipses a number of best-selling fuel models .

The hot scene is also reproduced in France and other European countries . According to statistics, the company AAA Data The data shows , 2021 In the first half of ,Model 3 Sold in France 13,084 car , Top of the sales list . Although there are only Model 3 A model is on sale , Tesla is also 19% Market share , Become the best-selling car brand in Switzerland in the second quarter .

Tesla's performance in the Asian market is also excellent . Take South Korea for example , Not only 6 Tesla in July 4860 The market performance of cars occupies the top three seats of imported brands , And many cities are in short supply ," How much to port, how much to sell ” The grand occasion can be called a wonder in the automotive industry .

The data of the ride show , In the first half of this year, China's exports of new energy vehicles reached 17.3 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 151.3%. Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the Federation, said , Tesla China's export volume in the first half of the year was about 5 Thousands of cars , The proportion in China's total export of new energy vehicles is close to 30%,2021 Tesla's annual export volume is expected to reach 10 Thousands of cars .

obviously , Tesla has become " Made in China " A beautiful business card around the world . tesla CEO Elon · Musk praised without stinginess :" The work done by Tesla's Shanghai Super factory team is really great !"

The general trend is not over   tesla " Black science and technology " Drive industry change

8 month 2 Japan , The United States 《 Wealth 》 The magazine has just been released 2021 Enterprise rankings , among , Tesla 315.36 $billion in revenue for the first time " The world 500 strong ". however , Revenue may not be Tesla's most concerned operational indicator . Driving technological change , That's what this company does and is good at .

7 month , American Highway Safety Insurance Association (IIHS) With the authoritative consumer rights media in the United States 《 Consumer reports 》(Consumer Reports) After evaluation, it is found that , After canceling millimeter wave radar Model 3 Get the highest safety rating again , This makes the public have greater expectations for pure visual solutions .

In recent days, , Musk announces , tesla AI Day It will be... Us time 8 month 19 It's day , The restlessness of digital geeks indicates that Tesla is likely to redefine the development of the industry . This is also 2020 Another industry technology feast after Tesla battery day .

Although Tesla is constantly moving in the field of intelligent battery vehicles , But musk set these early " Secret grand plan " Part of . Tesla, which was announced in it " Secret grand plan " in , Musk once defined Tesla's development path : Production of sports cars , Then use the money to produce affordable cars , Then use the money to produce more affordable cars , Provide zero emission power generation options while doing all the above .

With Model Y The launch of the standard endurance version 、Model 3 Price adjustment of standard endurance version , Higher cost performance will inevitably attract more fuel vehicle users to embrace electric vehicle life . Each step , It's all Tesla “ Accelerating the transformation of the world to sustainable energy ” Unremitting persistence under the mission .

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