Tesla China exported 24347 vehicles in July, and its domestic sales volume was only 8621, down 70%

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tesla china exported vehicles july

【TechWeb】 According to China's auto sales data released by the passenger Federation ,7 Tesla's wholesale sales reached 32,968 car , Year-on-year growth 199%. end 7 month , Tesla has sold more than this year 20 Thousands of cars , achieve 205,763 car .

It is worth noting that ,7 In January, Tesla's export volume exceeded... For the first time 2 Thousands of cars , Export volume increased month on month 385%, among Model 3 Exports hit a new high , achieve 16,137 car ; and Model Y The first month of export achieved 8,210 Results of .

According to this data , Tesla's domestic sales in Shanghai are only 8621 platform , The month on month decline was about 70%.

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