For the elderly, Gaode taxi and Qihua Dispatching Center launched a new on call service

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【TechWeb】8 month 10 Daily news , In recent days, , Travel for the elderly , Beijing Taxi Dispatching Center Qihua dispatching center cooperates with Gaode taxi to launch a new on call service , Further expand the service coverage , In ten districts outside the six districts of Beijing , Achieve full coverage .


It is reported that , In the traditional on call service, the service personnel of the dispatching center record the starting and ending points of passengers , Then the system will inform the taxi driver , Because the starting point is difficult to find 、 Problems such as bad orders , Taxi drivers have limited willingness to accept orders .

The new on call service is connected to Gaode taxi “ Good for rent ” Digital solution for cruise taxi , The starting and ending points can be displayed directly at the driver's end , Make it easier for drivers to catch passengers , And add functions such as waybill , Reduce the driver's idling cost , Effectively improve the success rate of car Hailing .

data display , After the new on call service cooperated by Qihua dispatching center and Gaode taxi goes online , The call response rate has been significantly improved , About... Higher than the industry average 42%. meanwhile , The improvement of service quality also brings about the growth of on call orders .