Passenger Association: Tesla China sold 32968 domestic cars in July, down 0.56% month on month

TechWeb 2021-08-10 21:53:50 阅读数:539

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【TechWeb】8 month 10 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Tuesday , Take the cib (CPCA) Express , This year, 7 month , Tesla, an American electric vehicle manufacturer, sold 32968 A car made in China ( Including cars for export ), fell 0.56%.


at present , Tesla produces domestic products at its Shanghai Super factory Model 3 and Model Y. The cars produced by Tesla's Shanghai Super factory are not only supplied to the domestic market , It also supplies foreign markets .

This year, 7 End of month , Tesla says , Thanks to the strong demand in the US local market and the optimization of the global average cost , The company has completed the transformation of Shanghai Super factory as a major automobile export center .

Tuesday , The Federation said , This year, 7 month , Tesla is out 24347 A car made in China .( Little fox )