Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. The stars sent a document to mourn. He was "abandoned" when he was young. His life was hard and childless

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yu yuexian died car accident.

She is 《 Rural love 》 Thank you very much , yes 98 edition 《 Water margin 》 Jin Cuilian in , She is also Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , Early life is hard, miss the best childbearing age , I have no children all my life, but I still enjoy life , He is the actor Yu Yuexian .

A few days ago, I was still sharing the big white mushroom in my hometown with netizens , The result is 8 month 9 An accident happened on the th , Everyone can't accept that Aunt Bigfoot left us forever !

Childhood hard , My career didn't start well

1971 year , Yu Yuexian was born in an ordinary family in Inner Mongolia , Two girls have been born since the Moon Fairy , Let this slightly patriarchal family be disappointed with their three sisters , The eldest sister Yu Yuexian is also more precocious than other children . In her 12 At the age of , The family finally welcomed a dream boy . Parents are busy making money to support their family , Yu Yuexian alone undertakes the responsibility of taking care of her siblings , When she was a child, she wanted to learn to dance , My father said if you dare to learn, I'll break your leg . Yu Yuexian can only study hard , After graduation from Chifeng technical secondary school , I stayed in school and became a teacher , A decent and stable job in the eyes of family , But not the best result in Yu Yuexian's heart . When a friend told her that Chinese opera was going to recruit students majoring in acting , She felt her chance had come again , But when Yu Yuexian told her family about this idea , What I got was a slap from my father , Grandpa's sentence , If you go to be an actor, don't take your last name !

Grievances 、 Not admitting defeat prompted her to secretly take the art examination without telling her family , Until the news of admission came , The uncooked rice has been cooked , The family is still complaining about her girl's big idea . From then on, Yu Yuexian decided that she must get ahead , Let the family live a good life to prove that their original choice is not wrong .

In my sophomore year , She got the first play , stay 《 The Book and the Sword 》 Play Yu Ruyi , The excellent appearance on the screen at the beginning makes her future play limited to beautiful women .1996 year , She and her current husband Zhang Xuesong are in 《 a man should take a wife and a woman should take a husband 》 Middle acquaintance , But at this time, Yu Yuexian is in a difficult period —— Save money for my brother's treatment .

This little son who once brought hope to the whole family , Originally, he was a lively and cheerful little boy loved by everyone , But at the age of eight, he was found to have a bent spine , Because the family can't afford the high cost of surgery, they haven't been able to get effective treatment , When my brother was eighteen , The body has bent to its limit , The skin was badly scratched , Elder sister Yu Yuexian saw it in her eyes and it hurt in her heart , She always saves money , After his lover Zhang Xuesong knew it, he silently took out 50000 yuan to decorate the wedding room at home , But it's not enough , The operation can only be delayed again and again .

《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The crew found Yu Yuexian , Invite her to play the female ghost in the play “ Chen Wuzhen ” In the corner of , It can be called the most beautiful image in Yu Yuexian's career , Although she is a female ghost, she flirts , A frown and a smile are quite 86 The charm of Zhu Lin, the king of the daughter country in the journey to the West . After filming the play , Yu Yuexian scraped together the last sum of money to operate on her brother , Fortunately, I recovered my health after the operation , After getting married, my brother added two little nieces to Yu Yuexian .

Yu Yuexian is really popular , Or rely on 《 Rural love 》 Thank you very much . In his 30 After that, there were fewer and fewer people acting with her , Just when the Moon Fairy was at a loss , I was surprised to learn that Zhao Benshan, who is popular all over the country, is his cousin's brother-in-law , And when Zhao Benshan saw her play , I also understand that this is a good actor online , Hence the “ Thank you ” Her role was left to her . In order to seize this opportunity , Yu Yuexian joined the group ahead of time and learned experience from local rural women , Crazy fattening to cater to the characters in the play , She lived herself into Xie Dajiao , Whether on the set or in life , People started calling her “ Thank you ”、“ Aunt Bigfoot ”.

2018 year , Yu Yuexian attended 《 The birth of an actor 》, As a younger martial sister, Zhang Ziyi, who has already got the film queen, is a guest of honor in the jury , She highly praised Yu Yuexian's acting , I talked to her after the program was recorded “ The coming days would be long ”, I didn't expect the accident to happen so suddenly .

8 month 9 The bad news of the day came ,《 Rural love 》 in “ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident while filming in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , Everyone said it was incredible , The stars mourn , I wish it wasn't true . In real life, she is optimistic and positive , True disposition , Always be considerate of others and let the people you contact have a good reputation , The future is not long , Mr. Yu walked well all the way !

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