Yu Yuexian, a powerful actress, died in a car accident and burst the whole network. It makes people sigh when she boarded the hot search

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yu yuexian powerful actress died

Once the news of the death of the famous actor Yu Yuexian was sent , Shocked the whole network , After seeing the news yesterday , I thought it was a rumor deliberately fabricated by the marketing number for hype , It was not until I saw the news sent by the state media that I was convinced of it

I believe many netizens are like me , After seeing Yu Yuexian die , It's unbelievable , I can't return to God for a long time , Just saying her name may not be very familiar to some young viewers , But if you mention 《 Rural love 》 Thank you very much , I think everyone knows it well , Even if you haven't seen the original play, you must have seen some famous scenes related to it

Yu Yuexian is on her way to work , Unfortunately, there was a car accident , Because the injury is too serious , So I couldn't save it , Only 50 years old this year , Countless Netizens feel sorry for this , It's the age to enjoy the happiness of family, but something unexpected happened , I can't help sighing , Impermanence,

What happens next , No one knows , After the incident, the media contacted Yu Yuexian's brother for the first time , He is like Yu Yuexian , They are all artists under Zhao Benshan's banner , At the same time, Yu Yingjie is also the assistant of art director Liu Shuangping , On the phone, he said he was the same as netizens , It was only later that I learned that my sister died in a car accident

But some details are not clear , I'm on my way to the accident site to see my sister Yu Yuexian for the last time , After this sad news hit the whole network , Countless well-known entertainers in the entertainment industry have sent messages to mourn

Well known variety director Wu Tong even said that he could not accept this reality , The reason is also simple , In the process of cooperation with Yu Yuexian in the past , Her hard work and serious attitude deeply infected Wu Tong , I also feel very sorry that she was not invited to my variety show , I thought it was just a pity , But after Yu Yuexian's car accident , It has completely become a permanent regret

besides , Little Shenyang , Xinzhilei , Sun Qian , Zhang Ziyi also sent a message on her microblog to mourn Yu Yuexian , Throughout Yu Yuexian's acting career , Have acting skills , Not blundering , It's a pity that the fire won't start , stay 《 Rural love 》 Series of , Contributed their best acting skills , If there were no actor like Xie Dajiao who had a professional background

Nor can there be as many as dozens of TV dramas with rural themes in Northeast China , if 《 Rural love 》 It's a classic play , Then 70% of the credit should be attributed to the Moon Fairy , From the first part to the 13 Ministry , Accompanied countless audiences for decades

She plays the role of Xie Dajiao in the play , Although not the protagonist , There is no Liu Neng in the camera , Zhao siduo , But it played a key role , Is an indispensable role , A lot of the audience went after her 《 Rural love 》 Among the latest films , Many characters roll over one after another , But Xie Dajiao is still a warm person , Kind and hospitable aunt Bigfoot

Never lost the chain at the critical moment , It has played a great role in promoting the plot , Both lines and acting skills can be called a masterpiece , There seems to be no groove in her , The acting skill of carrying is not inferior to that of any first-line star , Completely live the role , So many people like to call her “ Thank you ” perhaps “ Aunt Bigfoot ”

But as a powerful actress , Yu Yuexian's film and television works , Not just 《 Rural love 》 In his film and television plays , It's also the most interesting one , For example, as early as 1994 in , She's in the city play 《 a man should take a wife and a woman should take a husband 》 Played a supporting role in , And Li Chengru plays with her , Luo Haiqiong and other famous actors , The starting point is quite high

At that time, Yu Yuexian was so beautiful , Long hair is extremely charming , Every appearance can bring different surprises , Hold the audience's eyes firmly , After many years , The score of this play on Douban is still very high , Interested friends can go after , You won't be disappointed , The whole play has reached a certain height within the feasible range

Then he took part in one after another 《 There is love in troubled times 》《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 And northeast comedy 《 Ma Da Shuai 》 Wait for a good work , Each role can leave an extremely deep impression on the audience , Especially in “ Ma Da Shuai ” Liu Peiyun in , Live under the same roof as fan Debiao played by Fan Wei , There were countless funny scenes

The whole process is at high energy output , Acting is even slightly better than Fan Wei , As a landlady , I'm not used to fan Debiao at all , Just treat him as his own tenant , As a result, fan Debiao fell in love , Secretly in love with others do not say , And did a lot of face slapping

Till today , There are still a lot of viewers on 《 Ma Da Shuai 》 The play talks about , However, Yu Yuexian's highlight moment is still inseparable 《 Rural love 》 The show , In her body, we can see many characteristics of rural women in Northeast China , But in the impetuous entertainment industry , There is no seat for rural drama at all , Because most young people prefer to watch some idol dramas

Even if the idol has no acting skills , But as long as you're handsome , Regarding this , Many netizens say that Yu Yuexian has first-class acting skills , But it is a dusty bead , as everyone knows , Yu Yuexian also has an identity as Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , But she never received any benefits or more resources because of this status , I've been using my strength to prove myself

Ironically, before that , No one focused on her , But after a car accident , On hot search , It makes people feel sad , Can a good actor be recognized by the audience only after his death ? Yu Yuexian left us 《 Rural love 》 Since then, no thanks, big foot , Whether for the audience or the whole film and television industry, it is a huge loss

I hope Yu Yuexian goes well all the way , There is no pain in the other world , And what she left behind , Will be remembered by everyone !

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