In depth interpretation of chariot of fire: when love and sports are interlinked, the Olympic spirit has become immortal

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depth interpretation chariot love sports

In the 54 Oscars (1982 year ) At the award ceremony , British movies 《 The chariot of fire 》 Beat 《 Atlantic City 》 and 《 Love in troubled times 》 Two strong enemies , Won the best picture Award . From the perspective of American traditional values ,《 The chariot of fire 》 Not the mainstream choice of Hollywood .

The film is on 1981 Year of 5 month , Its typical British style 、 Britain's own national pride and its antagonism against American track and field competition , Maybe they all lowered their chances of winning the prize .

However, in addition to their tolerance for the above resistant elements , The universal spirit shown in the film has become its biggest bargaining chip to defeat its opponents .

The judges include the above elements of non mainstream American values while , The film presents the profound ideology and detached spirituality for the outside of physical competition , The two together constitute 《 The chariot of fire 》 The greatest spiritual connotation .

The protagonist's duet

Maybe many people enter the film because of the classic soundtrack , But let's say 《 The chariot of fire 》, It is inevitable to talk about the meaning of faith and love .

In terms of the spiritual value of the film , The principle of faith has been further universalized and noble , When this feature is projected onto the character , It also shows the character's detachment from the existing world .

Of course 《 The chariot of fire 》 From the layout of , Obviously, a single spiritual direction can not quickly resonate with the audience , The collision between characters highlights the tension of the story .

This one is by Hugh ・ The film directed by Hudson gives the two protagonists full space for self-expression , Eric Reid's warm tolerance is in sharp contrast to Abraham's cold stubbornness .

During this period, the role in the body language based on track and field competition , The external manifestations of their different forms , It further enriches the diversity and complexity of the heart .

In the process of track and field competition , Eric Reed's temperament presents the enjoyment of the whole exercise process 、 Pleasure and satisfaction , The extremely relaxed state outside is the true projection of his inner world .

Compared with the first protagonist , The second protagonist shows the complexity and contradiction of his character , This is extremely rare in literary discourse . And his inner struggle can be regarded as the words of special identity environment , It is the deviation of the double protagonist's understanding of sports spirit that leads to .

Fear of failure , Constitutes Abraham's fear of the game , Fear prevented him from improving his competitive form , This further constitutes an external manifestation of the negative energy in his character .

Including the confrontation with the jury 、 Anger at your lover, etc . But in the end, the film gives the possibility of third-party intervention , This comes from the spiritual gap of Abraham .

The presence of the coach , Let Abraham complete his focus on the body itself , Through hard work and intensive discipline , Abraham resolved the mental confusion with powerful physical words , Completed the transcendence of self .

Ingeniously , The film does not escalate the vibration of the two protagonists into direct words or physical conflict , Under the reasonable and careful distribution of the lens , The two people constitute a clever lens reflection and a Jing Wei comparison of values .

Through language skills, the two completed the dialogue across time and space , Improved their artistic level , It also makes the British elegance appropriately reflected in competitive sports .

The hearts of love and fear fight

stay 《 The chariot of fire 》 We see rich local cultural connotation in , England 20 The amorous feelings of the age 、 Clothes of the s 、 Dress and accent 、 Gentlemanly elegance and other cultural characteristics , Improve the authenticity and historicity of the story core .

But we see the entanglement and struggle related to people's hearts under the fine appearance , Behind the British sense of the times is the investigation and anatomy of the commonness of human beliefs .

In the battle of personality 1924 During the special period of competitive events in the Paris Olympic Games , The typical presentation in the character is integrated with the daily spiritual confusion .

Eric, as a devout Christian , Put Christianity first ; Especially about God's faith and politics 、 When real power systems such as home and country collide , Eric's initial and final compliance with faith , Perfect his noble personality .

Undeniable? , Eric also struggled during the selection process , In front of the absolute power of the royal family , Eric stood the test of divinity , For this reason, he gave up the idea of personal honor , It's his true obedience to his heart .

After all, in the Olympic Games , Personal honor and family honor have produced a deep value binding . Between Eric's long-term love and short-term interests , Make up big and small , Strong and weak , Rich dialogue between light and dark .

Compared with ordinary competitive films , The greatness of this film lies in its bias towards the spiritual value of love in a broad sense ; Even in front of the royal family , Eric's love didn't weaken , Instead, it achieved a strong increase through dramatic tension .

Finally, love triumphs over interest 、 Faith triumphs over kingship 、 Divinity triumphed over family and state groups . After faith returns to the individual , Power retreats to the second seat .

In traditional Western values , The opposite of love is fear . The breaking of fear , Is the inner driving force of Abraham . Love and fear are placed in the hearts of the two protagonists , Constitute the inner driving force of their path choice .

There is no doubt about Abraham's talent and energy . But initially because of the failure of the game , Trap yourself in a mental realm of depression and fear . Fear gradually overwhelmed his confidence , Until the external force appears at the right time , Just broke the original closed state of his heart .

The first external force comes from the girlfriend I know in the dance hall , The love for a lover inspires his inner instinct about love ; But in the verbal conflict with the lover , We found that it's about instinctive love , And can't break the inner barriers of Abraham .

Until the coach showed up , Completed the joint action of double-layer external forces , Because it touches the origin of Abraham's fear of sports . Compared with a regular coach , He acted as a teacher , Completed the removal of the inner obstacles of the behavior object .

period , Methodology has solved the problems and shackles of Abraham's Competitive Technology ; Ian ・ Holm's spiritual inspiration , Once again, he broke his inner obsession .

When Abraham stopped clinging to victory and defeat itself , Track and field has become his double enjoyment of body and spirit .

The spiritual height of competitive theme

《 The chariot of fire 》 Not a typical Olympic film , But it goes beyond the original theme , It has completed its artistic transformation ; Compared with later 《 Kill Munich 》 And other single value oriented competitive films , Its significance lies in humanitarian compliance .

Besides ,《 The chariot of fire 》 Nor is it a typical biographical film , Although the story unfolds from the perspective of legendary narration and heroism , But expression does not indulge in a set legendary narrative . Instead, , The hero has become the best spokesman for the anti heroism routine of the film .

Universal values run through the film , The tolerance of human nature has been further expanded in the concept of sports . The tolerance and fraternity shown in the image , More non ordinary types can be compared .

To say dramatic conflict , From the front to the back, the concept of double protagonist collides from the inside out , Constitute the hidden sword shadow of the film . The athletes sacrificed themselves and won the championship in the Olympic Games , Let the concept of tolerance be completely extended on the field .

Since the modern Olympics 1904 Since its establishment in , One of the principles is “ Understanding each other 、 friendship 、 Unity and fair competition ”, Compared with competitive “ External appearance ”, Love is the most abundant spiritual connotation of the Olympics .

《 The chariot of fire 》 Let's enrich the original state of love , And it has achieved common and blending with the competitive spirit , Love is fully conveyed in the image .

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