Huo Zunren set up a suspected rollover. His girlfriend sent a document crying that he had been betrayed. There was too much emotional information in the past nine years

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huo zunren set suspected rollover.

8 month 8 Rihuozun's girlfriend “ One sided ” When you announce your relationship , The silence of star Huo Zun is particularly strange , At that time, Huo Zun's fans were blessing the couple , After all, we've been together for so many years , Fans also explained to Huo Zun that it was for “ Checkpoint ” Respond .

Two days later , Huo Zun is still quiet , Then people wonder , Is there “ Misfortune ”?

Sure enough , The woman's breakup declaration came , And accidentally exposed Huo Zun's “ Ugly means ”.

National second-class actor Chen Lu is 8 month 10 On the evening of the th, I sent a document accusing my ex boyfriend Huo Zun “ Beginning and end ”, He said that after announcing his relationship with Huo Zun , Received a lot of responses from netizens , Blessed , Others scolded her for rubbing the heat , But I'm sorry I didn't get Huo Zun's response , I really want to marry Mr. Huo Zun , But it's a pity. , Maybe not .

Then Chen Lu started from 2012 Year begins , Tells the details of her relationship with Huo Zun .

It is similar to the previous version circulated on the Internet , Chen Lu and Huo Zun were together when they were down , At that time, the woman was a little actor , Huo Zun is also unknown , They fell in love at first sight , The woman believes in the man's talent , The man knows the woman's consideration .

The days passed slowly , Chen Lu works very hard , Want to be as good as Huo Zun , Finally grow into a national second-class dancer , He is the youngest deputy senior title actor in the regiment , Huo Zun has also changed from a plain person to a well-known big star .

During this period, they were like normal lovers , Appointment 、 Fall in love , hug 、 Kissing, etc , It seems that everyone is looking forward to a better future .

The first incident began when the paparazzi took a picture of the two together , Huo Zun not only did not choose to admit , Instead, let the woman delete all traces about him , It's called thinking about your future , The woman was also silent in the online violence of huozun fans .

In the woman's words , Is to wear 200 clothes , But I will buy the best for Huo Zun , Because he's an artist , It can't be too shabby .

The second accident was that Huo Zun wanted to buy “ Wedding room ” My money bought my mother a villa , Chen Lu didn't say anything , Filial to our parents , Should the .

The last time , It was Huo Zun who started cold violence against the woman , Huo Zun's friends began to become that women don't deserve big stars , Then Huo Zun started dating different girls , There are also different in Huo Zun's house “ hostess ”.

The situation Chen Lu is facing at present , It's Huo Zun who wants to seal it with three million , End this relationship , And Chen Lu doesn't want to , Nine million , Huo Zun promised .

Although the agreement is signed , But Huo Zun's female friends actually intimidated and threatened Chen Lu , This makes Chen Lu uncomfortable , So it began to break the news , Because in Chen Lu's opinion , The agreement has expired .

The story of Huo Zun and Chen Lu is very long , But the content is simple , It's just that the woman and Huo Zun are “ Childhood sweethearts ”, And Huo Zun began to abandon after he became famous , Get rid of the woman with money , And date different girls .

How did the song sing , When I loved you, you were poor and studying hard in the cold window , When I left you, you were in the Golden State of your wedding .

Huo Zun hasn't responded yet , We still don't know how it ends , But two people 9 The feelings of , It really exists , Huo Zun should not deny , But it was the man who learned from Wu Yifan , Feel rich and famous , Want to try something you haven't played before , Or did the woman do something wrong that caused the two to break up , We'll see .

Anyway? , There have been so many negative events in the entertainment industry in the past two years , It can be seen that those high stars are morally , It's really flawed , Ordinary people still know that a wife of chaff cannot be abandoned , But look at the stars , There are few divorces ?

I even feel that most male stars in the entertainment industry are different , Huo Zun looked at such an honest child , In private , This world , I can't say .

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