Actor Du Chun "sold miserably" overturned and complained that he had little time at home. Netizens suggested that he withdraw from the circle

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actor du chun sold miserably

Since Zheng Shuangna 1.6 After the $100 million film reward was exposed , Chinese netizens have basically lost “ sympathy ” The ability of stars .

8 month 10 Friday night , Actor Du Chunsun's picture of himself holding his daughter and kissing her face , He complained wrongfully that he didn't go home for more than 40 days , Daughter egg dumplings don't know herself at all , After watching it for a while, I began to cry .

Originally, an old father doted on his daughter , It's understandable to say a few words about your complaints and grievances , After all, I haven't seen my daughter for a long time .

It shouldn't be , Du Chun also casually talked about himself “ star ” The occupation sold out badly .

Now there's a problem .

Du Chun said he was used to leaving in a few days at home ,“ How to solve this problem by the nature of actor's work ”

This sentence may be Du Chun's unintentional inner complaint , He said he didn't have time to feel guilty about his daughter , Want to ask how to make up .

But when you see this sentence , Is it just in my mind that several stars united to complain “ Actors are high-risk occupations ” Things about .

Those stars say it's dangerous to be an actor , Work is busy , No fixed time , I don't eat regularly , Require the same work as work 8 An hour, wait .

at that time “ High risk occupations ” This word has been ridiculed by netizens for nearly half a year , Unexpectedly, other netizens forgot , Du Chun this time “ remind ” Let everyone remember again .

Sure enough , Netizens in the comment area have found a way for Du Chun :

“ Not an actor ”、“ Exit the entertainment circle ”、“ Stop it ”、“ High income sacrifices a little time. What's the matter ”、“ Change your job ”、“ Why don't you say when you make money ”

You see , From Zheng Shuang's time , Netizens have long had no empathy for the high paying career of stars , Stars say they are bitter , How bitter he can be , The cement workers on the construction site are more bitter than them , But the star can earn more money a year than the cement worker can earn all his life .

The star said he was tired , How tired he can be , Sanitation workers get up before dawn every day , Stars except occasionally stay up late , At other times, I don't sleep in a mansion ?

Du Chun said that when he became an actor, he didn't have time to be at home , But he may not know , Many professional people , I don't go home many times a year , Even every time I go home, I can only see if my work is busy , Do you have a holiday , I can only stay for a few days after I go home , Then go to work nonstop .

To put it bluntly , Everyone is just trying to make money , Although the ways of making money are different , But they all exchange their time and freedom for money .

The group of stars , Not much contribution to society , Just entertainment and relaxation in spiritual civilization , Play several good works to cultivate sentiment , But that's the job , Take money that ordinary people can't get in ten lives , What else are they not satisfied with ?

As netizens say , You want to be with your children , But which father doesn't want to be at home with his children , But with children, you have to resign , If Du Chun really can't let go , You can go back to the circle , No one stopped .

If you become a star, don't sell miserably , Why can't anyone remember , I really don't want to do , The entertainment industry is at a time when stars are flooding , It's okay to have a few stars , Maybe the stars behind will read Du Chun's good , It is said that such an elder is willing to give up his position , Not much .

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