More details to promote Lingzhi plus travel version to be launched tonight

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details promote lingzhi travel version

[ Car home information ]  A few days ago, we learned from Dongfeng fashion official that , its Ling Zhi PLUS( Parameters | inquiry ) The travel edition will go on sale tonight , The new car has four new exterior painting colors , And support more options .

 Fxauto Ling Zhi PLUS 2021 paragraph Travel version

aesthetic , Ling Zhi PLUS The travel version follows the previous popular CM7 The style of , There is no adjustment to the shape , So it still looks familiar . In terms of body color , It adds Aurora green 、 Spacetime blue 、 Manau red 、 Biyuqing four new coating colors , Be more lively visually . In terms of body size, it is expected to be the same as that of cash PLUS identical ,3198mm The wheelbase is still very advantageous among the models of the same level .

 Fxauto Ling Zhi PLUS 2021 paragraph Travel version

The interior is still familiar to us , It also follows the previous fashion CM7 The style of . Judging from the information we have so far , Ling Zhi PLUS The wooden floor in the back row can be optional on the travel version ( The price is about 3000 element ), In addition, its high configuration vehicle also adds an electric sliding door on the right , The convenience of using the car is further increased , Compared with some competing models, double side sliding doors also have more advantages .

 Fxauto Ling Zhi PLUS 2021 paragraph Travel version

motivation , It will continue to carry 2.0L The engine , The most powerful 133 horsepower , Peak torque is 200 cattle ・ rice , The transmission system matches 6MT transmission , In addition, its rear axle speed ratio from 3.9 Rose to 4.237, Compared to cash models , Whether it's a daily start or a half slope start , Power feedback will be more direct .( writing / Car home Liu Dong )

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