Huo Zun set up a rollover? Chen lufa's long story shows that she has been in love for 9 years, but she has been ruthlessly betrayed

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huo zun set rollover chen

The entertainment industry is down again “ Big melon ”, Huo Zun set up a rollover ? Chen lufa's long article puts out strong materials , Fall in love 9 But was ruthlessly betrayed in . Between the lines is all sour , If what Chen Lu said is true ,“ Fairies in the world ” somewhat “ residue ” Over the top .

2017 year , Huo Zun 、 Chen Lu was “ Melon God ” Zhuo Wei photographed , Actually , They were already 2012 We were together in . At that time, Chen Lu was an ordinary dancer , Huo Zun is also unknown “ I'm so stupid ”, I can't even take out a thousand dollars .

however , Chen Lu fell in love with him at first sight , He was identified as his future husband . and , Chen Lu thinks Huo Zun is modest 、 good 、 Have talent , It will shine one day .

To help Huo Zun pursue his music dream , Chen Lu tried her best to practice dancing , From a little dance , He has been promoted to national second-class dancer . In order to increase income , Chen Lu resolutely chose to leave , Start your own dance studio , Even her colleagues thought she was crazy , Love brain is not saved .

Chen Lu complained in her long article , Fall in love 9 year , I don't want to buy clothes , The most expensive clothes are no more than two or three hundred yuan , All the income is invested in Huo Zun , Help him buy the most expensive clothes and shoes , Because he's an artist , Don't lose face in public .

Huo Zun is finally a little famous , Chen Lu thought she had come out of it . little does one think , Huo Zun bought a villa for his mother with all his money . however , Chen Lu is very supportive of Huo Zun to repay his upbringing , It doesn't even matter to comfort him , The wedding room can wait slowly .

Huo Zun 、 After Chen Lu's relationship was exposed by Zhuo Wei , Chen Lu thinks this is the best opportunity for publicity , little does one think , Huo Zun asked Chen Lu to delete all relevant microblogs , And ask for cross-correlation .

Although Chen Lu was sad, she still convinced herself , All for the sake of Huo Zun's future . however , Chen Lu also suffered from the surging network “ violence ” And all kinds of abuse . however , For Huo Zun , Chen Lu chooses to endure silently .

however , Chen Lu paid by mistake after all , While she was still dreaming of achieving the right results , Huo Zun is “ plan ” How to force Chen Lu to take the initiative to break up .

Huo Zun even said to his friends : I have no feelings for Chen Lu , however , I can't take the initiative to break up , My current social status is still with her , It's a gift to her .

Chen Lu's friends can't watch anymore , Take the initiative to take Huo Zun's “ The black material ” Tell her . What makes people angry is , Huo Zun pretended to be infatuated , The other half is with a lot of girls “ Appointment ”, Even evaluate with others “ That woman's legs are really good ”.

Chen Lu's world outlook has completely collapsed , Talk to Huo Zun face to face , little does one think , Huo Zun only said three words “ Make an offer ”, Then he transferred three million yuan to Chen Lu . Actually , Chen Lu calculated an account , Love for nine years , The money spent on Huo Zun is almost exactly three million . Obviously , Huo Zun had already made up his mind .

Chen Lu can't accept , Huo Zun invited a lawyer directly , Use pressure 、 Talk about an agreement in a threatening way . Chen lufa's long article puts out strong materials , It doesn't seem that everything is fabricated . Huo Zunren set up a complete rollover , There is no positive response yet .

Fall in love 9 But was ruthlessly betrayed in , There are several things in life 9 year . however , Chen Lu reads old love , Still leave room for Huo Zun , Claiming that he didn't want to release those black materials and chat screenshots , After all, I really loved him .

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