The 10 stars who died in a car accident, the oldest 89 and the youngest 27, are heartbreaking

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“ Thousands of roads , Safety clause 1 , Traffic irregularities , Relatives two lines of tears .”

Driving safety is never a trivial matter .

Today, let's review the star who died in a car accident , I hope you cherish life , Cherish the person in front of you .

Hong Xuefei 1941 year 8 month 1 Japan ― 1994 year 09 month 14 Japan 53 year

Hong Xuefei was born in Shanghai , Grew up in Hangzhou , His ancestral home is Shexian County, Anhui Province .

Hong Xuefei's childhood was very unfortunate , When she was very young , She and her mother were abandoned by her father , She and her mother depend on each other .

Fortunately, she was not knocked down by fate ,1958 year , Without any basic skills, she was admitted to the northern Kunqu Opera College , Start learning new year's day .

She used 4 In, he became the only successor to the number one dan role Li Shujun .

1966 year , She joined the Beijing Opera Troupe again , Change to Beijing Opera .

A year later , Hong Xuefei is famous all over the world .

This year , Zhao Yanxia was forced to drop out of the model play 《 Shajiabang 》 The heroine “ Sister a Qing ”. Hong Xuefei volunteered , Played the role , A great success , well-known throughout the country .

1971 year ,《 Shajiabang 》 On the big screen , Hong Xuefei still plays “ Sister a Qing ”. With 《 Shajiabang 》 The premiere of , Hong Xuefei has also become a very popular actress .

1985 year , She also relies on 《 Longevity Hall 》《 The third lady 》 Won the second National Drama Plum Blossom Award .

Hong Xuefei through his own efforts , Changed my destiny .

But what people didn't think of was ,1994 year 9 month , Hong Xuefei is going to Karamay, Xinjiang to participate in the construction of an oil refinery 35 Died in a car accident on the way to the anniversary celebration , Years old 53 year .

Lausanne 1968 year 9 month 9 Japan ―1995 year 10 month 2 Japan 27 year

Lausanne was born in Kangding City, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province , His father is Tibetan , The mother is Han .

Lausanne showed his talent for artistic performance from an early age , This made him 13 He was admitted to the music and dance department of the Central Institute for Nationalities at the age of ,18 Enter at

The all China Federation of trade unions' literary and Art Troupe , Became a dancer .

What Lausanne didn't expect was , With age , He keeps getting fat , For a dancer , It's not good .

So , Lausanne is very upset .

Just when he was worried about it , Yin Bolin, who is also in the art troupe, found that he had a strong ability to imitate , Speaking, learning, teasing and singing are all right , Yin Bolin decided to take Lausanne to say crosstalk .

That's great ,1993 year , They started on CCTV 《 Quyuan Zatan 》 Say above 《 Lausanne learned art 》 Series crosstalk , Two people are in a fire .

1994 year , Lausanne's program was again by CCTV 《 The first month is 》 Party broadcast , Lausanne was in the limelight for a while , Also known as the 1994 One of the most popular comedians in . The elder crosstalk master Ma Ji praised him “ I haven't seen the ancients before , I don't see anyone after ”, Many viewers think he is a genius .

And after becoming famous , Lausanne's economic conditions have also improved , He bought a car in Beijing , Rented a room , Parents in rural areas will also be received to live together .

But what people never thought of is 1995 year 10 month 2 Friday night , After dinner , Lausanne, who had a drink, drove home , Hit a big truck on the road , Unfortunately died , Years old 27 year .

Zhang Yusheng 1966 year 6 month 7 Day 1 1997 year 11 month 12 Japan 31 year

Zhang Yusheng was born in Penghu County , His ancestral home is Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province .

Zhang Yusheng has 2 A brother 2 A sister , Among them, he has the best relationship with his sister Zhang Yuxian .

Zhang Yuxian dreams of becoming a singer , Zhang Yusheng supports her very much .

What Zhang Yusheng didn't expect is 1986 year 7 month 6 Zhang Yuxian drowned while playing , Years old 15 year .

Sister's accidental death , It makes Zhang Yusheng very sad , And he decided to fulfill his sister's dream , Sing for your sister .

stay 1986 Second half of , He took part in “ Wooden boat folk song competition ”, Won the first place .

1988 year 3 month , He participated in the first Taiwan pop music competition , Won the team champion and best lead singer award , It was also discovered by record producer Weng Xiaoliang , Embarked on the fast lane of singing career .

He issued 《 I miss you every day 》《 The sea 》 When the album is very popular , Zhang Yusheng became a very popular singer .

1997 year , Zhang Yusheng released an album written for himself 《 say yes and mean no 》, He wrote in the copy of this album : This is certainly not the last record .

But no one thought of , This year's 10 month 20 Early morning 2 when 50 branch , Zhang Yusheng drove home after rehearsal because of fatigue , There was a car accident .

Unfortunately, after 24 Days of rescue , Zhang Yusheng still failed to defeat death , Unfortunately died , Years old 31 year .

After Zhang Yusheng died , His family buried him with his sister Zhang Yuxian .

Parents want them to “ Brother and sister , The soul is not alone .”

Liu Dan 1972 year 11 month 10 Day 1 2000 year 1 month 30 Japan 27 year

Liu Dan was born in Harbin , Because I like singing and dancing , Her parents sent her to Henan Art School . Later, Liu Dan became a dancer of Luoyang song and dance troupe .

However, because I like watching movies , She had the idea of becoming a movie actor , She applied for the Central Academy of drama , Successful admission .

from 1993 Year begins , Liu Dan acted 《 Torch stronghold 》《 Niu Zihou and Fu Liancheng 》《 Prime Minister Liu Luoguo 》《 Xinlongmen Inn 》《 Live with you 》《 Loess soul 》 Wait for the TV series , But it's not warm or hot .

What really makes Liu Dan famous is 1999 Broadcast in 《 Princess huanzhu 》 Second parts , In this play, she relies on “ Xiang Fei ” A circle of powder is countless .

After becoming famous , Liu Dan still maintains a simple style of life , She wants to buy a big house for her family to live together , And want to get married in the Millennium .

But no one thought of 2000 year 1 month 30 Day in the morning 6 spot , Liu Dan set out from Guangzhou for a performance in Shenzhen , In a car accident , Unfortunately died , Years old 27 year .

Niu Zhenhua 1956 year 5 month 1 Day 1 2004 year 5 month 11 Japan 48 year

Niu Zhenhua was born in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province ,1960 He moved to Beijing with his parents in .

Niu Zhenhua showed his literary talent when he was a child , His primary school music teacher admired him very much , Keep encouraging and guiding him .

Niu Zhenhua didn't let the teacher down , He was admitted to the amateur art troupe of Xicheng District Cultural Center in Beijing , Became a crosstalk actor , Later, he joined the Beijing Youth quyi troupe , Became Hui Wanhua's disciple .

His crosstalk is very good ,1989 He also won the gold medal in the National Youth crosstalk competition .

Niu Zhenhua not only said crosstalk well , The film is also good , He entered the film and television industry , stay 1994 The film starring in 《 Back to back , Face to face 》 Won the best actor award of the 7th Tokyo International Film Festival , A leap into “ International movie king ”.

After becoming famous , Niu Zhenhua did not forget his original heart , He and those who set up stalls 、 Three wheeled friends have been in touch with . And he's married , Have a daughter , With a happy family .

But what people didn't think of was 2004 year 5 month 11 Friday night 11 when 20 branch , Niu Zhenhua drunk driving , Unfortunately died , Years old 48 year .

Xu Weilun 1978 year 11 month 13 Day 1 2007 year 1 month 28 Japan 28 year

Xu Weilun was born in Taipei , Her mother attaches great importance to her education , In her 4 I sent her to learn piano and harp at the age of , Let her go to the concert , Take etiquette training classes .

But also because of my mother , She was admitted to the Royal Conservatory of music 、 The Berkeley Conservatory of music in Boston failed to go to school .

And she was 2001 In, he embarked on the road of acting .

Xu Weilun's starting point is very high . This year she acted as Wang Leehom's song 《 A sense of security 》MV The heroine of , And in a TV play 《 Meteor garden 》, And with TV dramas 《18 Year old agreement 》 shortlisted “ The golden bell prize ” Best supporting actress .

After this , She appeared in a row again 《 Secretly fall in love with you 》《 Love tornadoes 》《 Fetishism 》《 Pool boy 》《 Bad man's house urgent electricity 》《 The daughter of the sun 》 Wait for idol drama , Became a famous actor .

But what people didn't think of was 2007 year 1 month 26 Japan 23 when , Xu Weilun was in a car accident , After two days of rescue , Still dying , Years old 28 year .

After Xu Weilun died , Her ex boyfriend Li Wei sends a message to celebrate her ghost birthday every year on her birthday , Now we have insisted on 13 year , It's touching .

Paul ・ Walker 1973 year 9 month 12 Japan ―2013 year 11 month 30 Japan 40 year

Paul ・ Walker 1973 Born in the United States , His father is a plumber , Mother is a model . In his 2 At the age of , His mother made him a child model , He also became a little child star on TV .

But Paul ・ Walker really decided to become a professional actor , When he was in College .

After high school , Paul ・ Walker went to California Community College to study marine biology , In boring study , Paul ・ Walker found that his favorite thing was acting , He decided to become a professional actor .

1986 year , Paul ・ Walker starred in the first film of his life 《 The monster in the closet 》.

After this , He played again 《 Changeable Jurassic 》《 She is all I have 》《 Skull Club 》 Such movies , But what really made him famous was 《 Fast and furious 》 series , He starred in the first part of the series 、 Second parts 、 Fourth parts 、 Part five 、 Part six 、 Part seven , Deeply loved by fans all over the world .

But what people didn't expect is that 《 Speed and excitement 》 Before the seventh release ,2013 year 11 month 30 On the afternoon of Sunday 3 when , Paul ・ Walker died in a car accident in Los Angeles , Years old 40 year .

Gao poly 1976 year 9 month 13 Day 1 2021 year 2 month 24 Japan 45 year

Gao Baoli was born in a poor peasant family in Nanshan, Lingqiu County, Shanxi Province . Because of family difficulties , He's on 3 I dropped out of high school last month . To make a living , He loved music and entered Luoluo Opera Troupe in Lingqiu County , Became an actor .

2004 In order to pursue the music dream , He ran to Beijing and drifted North . In the beginning, in order to live , He went to ZhongGuanCun to sell computers for half a year , You can earn... In a month 400 element .

2005 year , He took part in 《 Avenue of stars 》, This gave him a lot of performance opportunities , You can earn... In a month 2000 element .

With such income , Gao poly's pursuit of dreams is more firm ,2006 In, he was accepted as a closed disciple by singer Wang Kun .

After this , Gao poly took part in many singing competitions , Have achieved excellent results , He also became a soloist in the Chinese opera and dance theater .

And because he integrates China's original ecology with international pioneer pop music , Known as the “ The king of the West ”.

Unfortunately 2021 year 2 month 24 On the afternoon of Sunday , Gao Baoli was in a car accident on the highway to Taiyuan , Unfortunately died , Years old 45 year .

Xu Caigen 1932 year 2 month 21 Day 1 2021 year 7 month 22 Japan 89 year

Xu Caigen was born in Shanghai , Before becoming an actor , He worked as an apprentice in a printing factory , He also worked in the amateur dance team of Shanghai workers' Culture Museum and the workers' art troupe of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions .

Xu Caigen can become a film and television actor , Thanks to Zhang Ruifang 、 Sun Daolin . When Haiyan actor troupe selected people in Xu Caigen's literary troupe , Xu Caigen is very controversial about whether to recruit or not , Finally, Zhang Ruifang 、 Sun Daolin decided to ask him .

After this , Xu Caigen acted conscientiously . Even if 1992 Retired in , He's not free , Continue acting .

2010 year , With his film directed by Wang Quan'an 《 reunion 》, For the first 28 The Golden Rooster Award for best supporting actor .

This year , He has 78 year .

His family is worried about his safety and health , Suggest that he enjoy his old age at home , He refused. , Because he thinks that one day people live, one day they work , So it can be valuable .

After that, he photographed 《 The first half of my life 》《 A home 》《 Fast life 》 Wait for the TV series .

What people don't think of is 2021 year 7 month 22 Japan , Xu Caigen was in a car accident on his way out of filming by bike , Unfortunately died , At the age of 89 year .

Yu Yuexian 1971 year 4 month 24 Day 1 2021 year 8 month 9 Japan 50 year

Yu Yuexian was born into a son preference family in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia , When she was a child, she was often scolded by her grandparents and father , until 1982 Her brother Yu Yingjie was born in , She's getting better at home .

1992 year , Yu Yuexian has an actor dream . Father objected to her being an actress , Hit and kick her , Grandpa directly said he would deprive her of her last name . At that time, she was a teacher in a school , The school also opposed her being an actress , Send her to the teacher “ Dethrone ” Looking at the gate for the school .

Even so , Yu Yuexian still chooses to pursue her dream , Admitted to the Chinese opera .

After I graduated , She also acted a lot , It's not warm all the time . Until I met 《 Rural love 》 Medium “ Thank you ” In the corner of , Yu Yuexian became famous , Living conditions are much better .

before this , In order to treat her brother , I owe a lot of money outside , Fortunately, my brother recovered .

However, because I have been busy treating my brother for many years , Yu Yuexian and her husband Zhang Xuesong missed the best childbearing period , They had no children .

Even more unexpected is 2021 year 8 month 9 Japan , Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Years old 50 year , It's very sad .

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