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As a Chinese made , Models sold worldwide , Versailles C5 X It can be said that a car wash will not follow the footsteps of marketing , From the name of Versailles , But enjoy extraordinary 、 potential No Where such configurations are named , Versailles C5 X It can be said to play the online red line , There was also a certain heat on the Internet .

But about Versailles C5 X The most talked about , Or is it “ You can ” The appearance of the , As a crossover vehicle , Versailles C5 X Combined with cars +SUV+ Part of the characteristics of station wagon , The shape is very unconventional , so to speak “ this very Legal system ”, And whether we can really catch the aesthetic of consumers , It's hard to say at present .

8 month 9 Friday night , Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X Officially open presale , There are four levels of configuration options , Presale price range 14.37 Ten thousand yuan to 18.67 Ten thousand yuan . And will be in 9 Official listing . New car based EMP2 Platform to build , Positioning is more than just cars , The appearance design takes into account the dynamic and SUV The trafficability and the practicability of the station wagon , Compared with the public CC Hunting clothes are more distinctive .

aesthetic , Versailles C5 X Combine the French design style with the needs of the Chinese market , The two design elements are cleverly integrated . The specific term , Versailles C5 X from CXperience Inspired by the concept car , The headlights are of split design , It is connected with the vehicle logo through chrome plating decoration , This creates a X Shaped front face , Further adds visual impact .

On the side is Versailles C5 X The soul of , It has a very dynamic sliding back design , The slender roof arc is matched with the design method of suspended vehicle , It directly improves the sense of movement on the side , A little car running SUV The feeling of , It also smells like a station wagon . Body size , Versailles C5 X The length, width and height are respectively 4805*1865*1505mm, The wheelbase 2785mm, Position a medium-sized car .

The tail is also Versailles C5 X More characteristic places , The double tail wings are matched with the suspended spoiler just right , Makes the sense of hierarchy in the tail very strong , It perfectly interprets the nature of sports cars .

interiors , Citroen's new Versailles C5 X Adopt encircling layout design , The details are decorated with large-area wood grain , Highlight a good sense of sophistication . New car is equipped with 7 Inch LCD instrument 、12 Inch large central control screen and 3D colour e-HUD Looked up and show , The three can realize three screen interaction .

in addition , The three multi-functional steering wheels of the new car are flat bottomed up and down , The shape of the electronic gear handle is button type . Configuration , New cars offer the latest C-Connect3.0 On board entertainment information system 、L2.5 C-Pilot Driving AIDS 、360° Panoramic images 、 Wireless charging and electric tailgate .

motivation , New car carrying 1.6T The engine , Maximum power is 129kW(175Ps), Peak torque is 250N·m, Transmission system matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Fuel consumption per 100 km 5.8L. Besides , The new car will be launched later PHEV Version model , carrying 1.6T Plug in hybrid system .
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