The world's highest paid driver, who can buy Rafah in 18 days' salary, once crashed Pagani

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Professional racing drivers in China like to call themselves drivers , Their main job is to get results and trophies for the clubs and teams they play for . Only a few domestic drivers can get paid , Most people who play racing cars pay their own expenses . If it's formula one ( That is to say F1) The driver in the car , That's not a little worse . treatment , The degree of attention , The system of the team, etc . Take the present F1 For Hamilton, the most popular driver , The salary and bonus of the competition are tens of millions , And business endorsements .

In this year 5 month , Forbes published the past 12 Ten of the world's highest paid athletes in the last month , Formula one driver , Hamilton, the seven champion of Mercedes Benz team, won by 8200 Ten thousand dollars ranked eighth . In the domestic racing circle , Once the most famous , Han Han with the highest income , Not for a year 200 RMB 10000 salary . Look at Hamilton's car , Showing up in Pagani, Monaco Zonda 760 LH, The earliest ones 760series One of , Or manual transmission .

Zonda 760 LH It is built on the basis of the ordinary version , The body color is purple , Purple is all over 760 Series is widely used ,760 Indicates that the horsepower has 760 horse , Back LH It is the abbreviation of Hamilton . except LH also Zonda ZoZo,Zonda Viola,Zonda Zun. Pagani is just one of his cars , And two Ferrari RAFAS ,AMG Project ONE Two sets of .

As Hamilton's first super run , The car had an accident in Monaco , Hamilton drove Pagani and crashed into a parked car , Later he said "the Zonda is terrible to drive", Maybe Zonda It's really not easy to control . Although the handling of the car feels very uncomfortable , But Pagani's voice is unmatched by other sports cars , Better than Ferrari . After all, it carries AMG Of 7.3 L naturally aspirated engine , It's hard to drive because Tiptronic The transmission .

Hamilton has been in F1 The paddock is smooth with the wind and water , Then it's easy to buy some super running . One year's income 8200 Ten thousand dollars , Equivalent to income per day 22.4 Ten thousand dollars , Buy one 400 A million dollar Rafa just needs 18 Heaven is enough. . Hamilton's car and 760RS Not much difference , Just replaced the sequential transmission with a manual transmission , This modification alone costs hundreds of thousands . Every time I race in Monaco , Hamilton will drive this car to the playing field , Or walk down the street .

pagani 760 Series is a special production line for special customers , The customer didn't break it himself Zonda Send it here to upgrade .760 Series are usually one-off version built, In other words, there is only one car in each model . If such a car is auctioned in the international market , You can achieve 600 More than $million .

Hamilton's biggest purchase is AMG Project ONE, One buy is two , It is said that another one was given to his father . This car is limited in the world 275 platform , Carrying F1 Racing 1.6T engine , You can legally license .AMG Project ONE You can't buy it if you want to , The threshold is quite high , How can official drivers give up such a good opportunity . The price of each unit is 272 Ten thousand dollars , It has already appreciated . In addition to these , He and McLaren P1, Mclaren MP4, porsche 911 Turbo S wait .

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