Hong Kong artists rollover again? Hu Xinger's improper remarks lead to controversy, which is in great contrast to she Shiman's patriotic donation

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hong kong artists rollover hu

Recently small S Because the remarks of the Olympic athletes were attacked by a wave of snipers , Although after many days , She wrote on her microblog that she was not TD, But netizens' favor for her fell thousands of miles .

I thought I had a little S Lessons from the past , Hong Kong and Taiwan artists will speak more carefully .

Who knows, Hu Xinger rolled over again !

It comes from Hu Xinger's husband Li Chengde's long-term care of children at home , Let Hu Xinger go north to work during pregnancy , Therefore, netizens denounced it as “ Century soft rice King ”! See my husband being bullied , Hu Xinger, who has always been strong, naturally can't help feeling , So he posted a long English article on the social network to reply to netizens ! Emphasize that Li Chengde has a stable job , So you can spend more time at home , I also thank him for supporting himself to focus on his acting career , Then he angrily denounced netizens for saying ugly things on other people's platforms , Don't know how to respect people !

Originally, this wave of operation won the praise of many people , I think Hu Xinger is so brave to protect her husband , However, in her long article, she wrote that going north to shoot a film is “ Work in China ”, It can't help causing an uproar . After all, replace the mainland with China , There is no doubt that there is a problem with the position !

To support this view , Netizens joined the pickpocketing Army , Then he found that Hu Xinger was 2010 Used in “ China ” Call the Mainland , Moreover, it was revealed that when Hu Xinger worked in the mainland in his early years , Also make complaints about the hospital without single room , Only drip in the corridor , It made her feel terrible , Want to go back to Hong Kong immediately !

In addition, during the flood in Henan , Most of the stars consciously donate money and materials , Only she doesn't donate , And didn't forward disaster related information . Only concentrate on making money in the Mainland .

In contrast, she Shiman, who is also developing in the Mainland , Not only low-key donated to Henan 100 Ten thousand yuan , During the Olympic Games, pictures of Jiugong grid were also posted on the Internet to cheer for Chinese athletes ! This is a strong contrast , It's really different !

In fact, Hu Xinger's position is biased , Questioned as unpatriotic , It's not without reason ! Because her good sister Hu Dingxin had the same problem !

2014 Hu Dingxin personally ended up in , Participate in an event in Hong Kong . At that time, she also sent photos , Just after being attacked by netizens , They quickly deleted !

2018 For shooting 《 Bao Qingtian's wind and cloud rise again 》 Location of , The crew had to go to Xinjiang 、 View around Hengdian . But Hu Dingxin not only said before departure that he would be happy only if he dreamed of going to Japan , still TVB In front of the camera of the program group, they dislike the food in Xinjiang .

In addition, at the Hong Kong Forum , Some people have also disclosed Hu Dingxin's double faced behavior , The surface is very friendly to mainland tourists , But as soon as he turned his head, he said to Hu Beiwei to hurry away ,“ grasshopper ” I'll take a group photo .

I have such a close friend in my boudoir , It's hard for Hu Xinger not to be affected !

Put aside inappropriate remarks , Hu Xinger's dedication to her career is still very attentive . When other Hong Kong artists work with a mouth of Hong Kong pu , She has been able to communicate with everyone skillfully in Mandarin , He also takes filming very seriously , Even if you're pregnant , stay 《 That Year flowers bloom and the moon is round 》 In the rain play, I also go to battle myself without a double .

Hu Xinger's dedication is commendable , But if you can't correct your position and attitude , Then stop panning for gold !

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