"Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Is the driver responsible

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xie dajiao yu yuexian died

“ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian suddenly died in a car accident , It's surprising . Actually , Traffic accidents happen from time to time , Why is Yu Yuexian's death concerned by some netizens , Because she is an actress with some popularity , With the help of TV series 《 Rural love 》 Inside “ Thank you ” This role made him famous , Since then, she also has “ Thank you ” This nickname .

Yu Yuexian was born in 1971 year , It's also an out and out 70 after , Only this year 50 year , Still relatively young , This is also a reason why netizens regret .

For the accident , It was really a surprise , There were a total of 4 personal , Only Yu Yuexian was seriously injured and died , None of the other three injured was life-threatening .

As for whether the driver was responsible for the accident , We still need to wait for the results of the police investigation to determine .

however , The car accident was really tragic , According to the police , The vehicle involved in the accident was a SUV Minibus , Great damage after vehicle impact , The roof was lifted directly , The front of the car is distorted , The airbag in the vehicle bounces off .

From the damage condition of the car body , At that time, the impact force should not be small , Otherwise, it is impossible to hit the extent that the roof is lifted directly , Into a convertible .

In similar traffic accidents , This situation is rare , The roof and body frame are basically integrated , How much impact force is needed to lift the roof directly . And two camels were hit , It's not a hard fixed object . After being hit, the camel will produce a certain amount of moving inertia , It can reduce part of the impact force on the car body . In this case , Two camels were killed on the spot .

Produce such a strong impact , The source of this impact force can't be a camel , Camels can't run that fast , Can't produce that much impact . It can only be the impact force generated by the vehicle involved , Motor vehicles have to produce large impact force , There is only one factor , That is, the speed is too fast .

If it was just 60 Step to 80 Step speed , It is impossible to cause the roof to be lifted , therefore , The speed at that time was an important investigation direction .

If the driver is really suspected of speeding , So there's no doubt about it , The driver involved needs to bear some responsibility for the accident .

Another important factor causing the accident , It was early in the morning 3 Some more , On the one hand, it belongs to night driving ; On the other hand , That makes people sleepy , Cause the driver's inattention or fatigue driving .

in addition , There is another point that makes many netizens confused .

Traffic accidents like this , The most dangerous are the people sitting in the cab and co cab , But at that time, Yu Yue first sat in the back seat of the co pilot , And all four of them are wearing seat belts , She died in a relatively safe position , I don't know how much the ejected airbag protects it .

The above is just a simple analysis of the accident , Specific causes of the accident , Still subject to the results of the police investigation . Whether the driver is responsible for the traffic accident , The main judgment basis shall be the cause of the accident .

What do you think of the accident ?

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