How likely is it that Changan uni series will become an independent brand?

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likely changan uni series independent

There are too many cases of being independent as a brand because of selling well , This year's tanks and JetBlue are the best examples . In recent days, , Chang'an high-end series UNI There was also news of brand independence .

There is media coverage , In Chang'an Automobile for “UNI Service Offline experience store ” On the bidding announcement of the design project , Something will show UNI The series is defined as “ brand ”. And according to the bidding announcement , Changan Automobile has preliminarily planned 5 Cities : Chongqing 、 Guangzhou 、 nanjing 、 jinan 、 Changsha .

Regarding this , Changan Automobile has not responded to this matter yet . that , conversant “ Hot sales will be independent ” The curse will also happen in Chang'an Automobile UNI On the series ?

First , From the development of Chang'an Automobile in recent two years , Since the third innovation and Entrepreneurship Program , The one we remember “ Autonomous brother ” Our image is indeed returning steadily and quickly . Especially this year , Changan Automobile and Geely Automobile, which has won the fourth consecutive title, continue to compete for the position of Chinese brand sales crown , And Chang'an CS75 Also continue to work with God's car “ The harvard H6” Keep biting .

Brand sales crown 、 The image of the sales crown of the single product model , It has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . In principle , Although Chang'an UNI Series models have maintained a good momentum since they came into the market , But from the sales structure ,UNI Series monthly average 1 ten thousand + Sales of do not seem to affect PLUS The achievements of the camp .

Just take the same place 15 Within ten thousand UNI-T And Chang'an CS75 For the series , Although in the blue whale engine 、APA5.0 Intelligent parking 、 There is a high degree of similarity in the core technology of Wutong car Union , However, Changan Automobile has a very clear division in the later product positioning and the differentiation of user portraits .

Especially with the positioning in the medium SUV Of UNI-K list ,UNI The series is obviously different from other models of Chang'an automobile . however , It is worth noting that , Changan Automobile not only needs to keep the balance of various models internally , Strive to fully develop the product matrix , It is more necessary to have a stronger offensive and defensive attitude towards products .

As a fulcrum of Chang'an Automobile Brand , At present, there is no specific landing information for Chang'an Automobile high-end brand project ,UNI Sequence has always been recognized as the upward firepower of Chang'an Automobile Brand .

At present, there are only UNI-T and UNI-K The two models are on sale , Although the momentum has been relatively strong , But on the Great Wall WEY、 Lingke and other Chinese high-end brands , Continue to explore higher price areas with an independent brand attitude , changan UNI The sequence is under the people-friendly route of Chang'an automobile , It has also been constrained to a certain extent .

What's more? , Now Geely has also launched “ Chinese star ” series , The more stars L And Xingrui in SUV And the car market are practicing “ Dislocation strike ” The strategy of , In fact, this is also for Chang'an Automobile UNI The further surge of the sequence has an impact to a certain extent .

Fortunately , Changan Automobile is accelerating to UNI Sequence inject fresh blood . Previously, Chang'an automobile has released UNI The third production car in the series , It's also UNI Spy photos of the first car in the series . according to the understanding of , The new car will appear at this year's Guangzhou Auto Show .

Red dot observation

If UNI The news that the sequence has become an independent brand is true , It can be believed that , Then continue to plough deeply in Chang'an automobile 15 Under the support of the market , The army is responsible for attacking high-end enterprises in two ways UNI Sequence , It is bound to usher in more resource tilt .


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