Renoir is an auspicious figure. Can it usher in a turning point of development in China?

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renoir auspicious figure. figure usher

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2020 year , Dongfeng Renault delisting reorganization , It became the first Sino foreign joint venture car enterprise to fall last year .

As a world-famous automobile manufacturer , The performance of Renault group in the Chinese market is obviously inadequate , Under the influence of market stock competition , Renault, whose sales remained sluggish, finally announced its exit from China .

However , China is the largest auto market in the world , Renault naturally will not give up . With the east wind “ Break up ” after , Renault is also thinking about returning to the track through the field of electric vehicles , But there is not much improvement at present .

Yesterday, , Renault has a new trend , It signed a memorandum of understanding with Geely Holding Group , Build innovative partnerships .

With the east wind “ Break up ”

Renault is at an impasse in China

Review Renault's development in China , Its presence 2013 In, it established a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor —— Dongfeng Renault , We have also achieved excellent sales results with the help of a good market environment .2016 year , Dongfeng Renault officially launched the first domestic car, corega , Help brands in 2016 Sold throughout the year 3.65 Thousands of cars , here we are 2017 year , Annual sales have doubled .

2018 year , Dongfeng Renault wants to achieve 9 Annual sales target of 10000 vehicles , But the final annual sales volume is only 5 More than 10000 vehicles , And by the 2019 year , The annual sales volume is only 1.7 Thousands of cars , And in the 2020 First quarter , Dongfeng Renault's sales volume is only 672 car , It has been less than one month's sales of products under mainstream brands , Finally, both parties of the joint venture “ With a big ”.

With the east wind “ Break up ” after , Renault is also looking for another way out . In the field of electric vehicles , Renault 、 nissan 、 Dongfeng three parties jointly established yijiete New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd , Renault has been launched in China e Promise . Besides , Renault group also acquired Jiangling Group New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd , Become the largest shareholder of the company , At present, its first model GSE Also officially started production .

In the field of light commercial vehicles , Mainly brilliance Renault Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd . At the end of last year , Brilliance Renault golden cup Automobile Co., Ltd. also launched a new golden cup sea lion king model .

however , Only rely on new energy and light commercial vehicles , Renault is also difficult to turn over in the domestic market .

2020 year , Renault produced by ejet e The sales volume of Nuo is only 1205 car , Decline in 95.3%; In the same period, the sales volume of Jiangling new energy was 3842 car , A fall 74.2%. Brilliance Renault did not announce 2020 Annual sales figures .

In the face of more uncertain factors 2021 year , Renault group is undoubtedly full of challenges . At present, the epidemic is still spreading internationally , Coupled with the insufficient supply of semiconductor chips , Holding together for warmth may be the best choice , Besides, it's still lucky “ The thigh ”.

Near auspicious “ The thigh ”

Or it will become the turning point of Renault's development in China

Today, , Independent brands are no longer what they used to be , Especially Geely , The way of acquisition along the way is amazing , Let's re-examine the ambition of this native Chinese automobile enterprise . From the acquisition of Volvo 、 Lutes and other overseas brands , Now it has acquired Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz 9.69% Equity of , It has become the largest shareholder of the company . Both the abundant capital and the support of technology make the outside world place high hopes on it , It makes many enterprises catch up with it .

First half of this year , Geely's total sales reached 630237 car , Year-on-year growth 19%, Complete the whole year 153 Sales target of 10000 vehicles 41%. among ,CMA High end products under the platform continue to make efforts ,1-6 In sales 157448 car , In Geely's total sales in the first half of the year 25%, Continue to lead Chinese brands to keep rising .

therefore , It is not surprising that Renault chose to cooperate with Geely . Through the information in this memo , Renault wants to make a difference in the current hot hybrid field , Geely has advanced CMA platform 、GHS2.0 Intelligent hybrid system , The support of these technologies will greatly enhance the market competitiveness of Renault products and the topic of public opinion , Help strengthen competitive advantage .

Besides , Although Renault also has certain technical reserves , such as E-Tech Hybrid power system , But its current financial situation is not optimistic ,2020 Affected by the epidemic situation in, the net loss exceeded 80 Billions of euros ,2021 Improved in the first half of the year , but 2.8% Our operating profit margin is still low . Compared with the introduction of new technology , Cooperating with local enterprises can reduce costs to a greater extent , Relieve financial pressure .

China's hybrid market is on the eve of an explosion , All major independent brands have deployed troops in the field of hybrid . There have been at least 6 Big car groups have released their own hybrid systems , Including BYD's DM-i Hybrid system 、 Great Wall lemon hybrid DHT、 Chery Kunpeng hybrid 、 GAC GMC hybrid 、 Chang'an blue whale hybrid iDD, And auspicious GHS2.0 Hybrid system .

But which hybrid platform technology will Renault use from Geely , It's auspicious GHS2.0 Hybrid power system , It can also be compatible with hybrid technology CMA Architecture platform , This is not yet clear .

The memo also shows , The two sides will be based on Lingke energy saving platform CMA Cooperate with the architecture , Jointly develop models suitable for the Korean market . according to the understanding of , Renault Samsung has a long history in the Korean market 20 Years of development history . After Geely entered the Korean market via Renault , Its global territory will be further expanded .

Ma Yue :

Since it's cooperation , Then it must be a win-win situation for both sides to promote . The cooperation between the two sides , Geely gained brand status 、 Promotion of overseas experience , Renault has solved the problem of localized products and Technology . But for Renault , Products and technology are only the first step , The road to revitalizing our achievements in China is still far away . After all , At present, the competition in the domestic automobile market is becoming more and more intense , There are transnational 、 The encroachment of joint venture brands , There is the rise of high-end independent brands , Renault's desire for a complete turnaround is still unknown .


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