"Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian was unfortunately injured in a car accident and died. People mourned one after another

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xie dajiao yu yuexian unfortunately

There are a lot of people every year , A car accident happened because of the safety problem of driving , At the same time, because of the particularity of the accident , A high-speed car collides , Most of the people in the car will be fatally injured , So every year there are a lot of people , Lost his life because of a car accident . From this, we can know that when driving , Be sure to pay attention to driving safety , Never drink and drive , And fatigue driving , There is only one life .

8 month 9 When day , Yu Yuexian was killed in a car accident , Lost his life , After the news came out , By many netizens , Many artists familiar with her have sent messages to mourn her , The sad news is really sad , Especially when Yu Yuexian was filming , Accidentally had a car accident , This makes everyone understand again , How important is driving safety .

Yu Yuexian's most well-known role , Namely “ Thank you ”, The role is 《 Rural love 》 In this play , Because the characters are portrayed very vividly , I'm also a powerful actor , So it is loved by many netizens , Some time ago , Netizens also found Yu Yuexian , Photos of youth , She is a real beauty . When you get older , Began to play some grounded roles , The audience should know 《 Rural love 》 In the middle-aged and elderly , Popularity in the group , Many people love to watch , Xie Dajiao is still a popular character .

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