Hong Kong artists rollover again? Hu Xinger's improper remarks lead to controversy, which is in great contrast to she Shiman's patriotic donation

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hong kong artists rollover hu

Recently small S Because the remarks of the Olympic athletes were attacked by a wave of snipers , Although after many days , She wrote on her microblog that she was not TD, But netizens' favor for her fell thousands of miles .

I thought I had a little S Lessons from the past , Hong Kong and Taiwan artists will speak more carefully .

Who knows, Hu Xinger rolled over again !

It comes from Hu Xinger's husband Li Chengde's long-term care of children at home , Let Hu Xinger go north to work during pregnancy , Therefore, netizens denounced it as “ Century soft rice King ”! See my husband being bullied , Hu Xinger, who has always been strong, naturally can't help feeling , So he posted a long English article on the social network to reply to netizens ! Emphasize that Li Chengde has a stable job , So you can spend more time at home , I also thank him for supporting himself to focus on his acting career , Then he angrily denounced netizens for saying ugly things on other people's platforms , Don't know how to respect people !

Originally, this wave of operation won the praise of many people , I think Hu Xinger is so brave to protect her husband , However, in her long article, she wrote that going north to shoot a film is “ Work in China ”, It can't help causing an uproar . After all, replace the mainland with China , There is no doubt that there is a problem with the position !

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