All parties have stepped up the layout and policy support, and the "energy storage" of the new energy vehicle industry chain is under way

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parties stepped layout policy support

7 month 27 Japan , GuoXuan Hi Tech Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ GuoXuan high tech ”) With Jingke Energy Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Jingke energy ”) Sign a strategic cooperation agreement , The two sides will work together to develop the global photovoltaic energy storage market , Focus on photovoltaic 、 Energy storage field , One stop shop for customers 、 Comprehensive solutions .

stay “ Double carbon ” Under target , Build clean low carbon 、 A safe and efficient energy system has been put on the agenda , Energy storage is one of the hot topics . according to the understanding of , In addition to power battery suppliers including GuoXuan high tech , Car companies 、 Charging pile enterprises also began to take action , All forces in the new energy vehicle industry chain actively sign the energy storage solution of light storage and charging integration .

The forces of all parties in the industrial chain are frequently distributed

According to the agreement , GuoXuan high tech and Jingke energy will jointly carry out the cooperative R & D, production and sales of photovoltaic energy storage system , R & D and production of photovoltaic energy storage products 、 Distributed optical storage system development and sales 、 One stop comprehensive solution 、 Optical storage and charging equipment 、 Photovoltaic whole county promotion and other fields , To promote “ Photovoltaic + Energy storage ” In depth cooperation .

in fact , At present, many new energy vehicle enterprises take energy storage projects as supporting joint development , Many battery enterprises have made layout on special batteries for energy storage . such as , Ningde times this year 4 In June, it was announced that it had conquered 12000 Ultra long cycle life 、 Core technology of special battery for high safety energy storage , Master the unified regulation of large-scale energy storage power stations 、 System integration technologies such as battery energy management . In the new projects of power battery in the first quarter of this year , Involving energy storage is not uncommon .

Ningde times has publicly stated its position , Electrochemical energy storage + Renewable energy power generation as the core , Realize the replacement of fixed fossil energy , Get rid of dependence on thermal power . It is reported that , At present, three specific scene routes have been formed in the layout of the energy storage system : Power generation side 、 Grid side and power consumption side . As early as 2018 end of the year , Ningde times has built the largest generation side electrochemical energy storage project in China —— Luneng national energy storage power station demonstration project 50MW/100MWh Lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage project .

This year, 6 month 23 Japan , Tesla announced the opening of the first integrated optical storage and charging charging station in China . According to introducing , The charging station uses solar energy to generate electricity , And store it in the energy storage facility , For electric vehicle charging , When the load and optical storage configuration are balanced , Can achieve energy self-sufficiency . Besides , Tesla also landed the first optical storage and charging integrated overcharge station in East China in the smart Bay science and technology innovation park in Baoshan District, Shanghai . Aichi automobile is cooperating with Shanghai express to create a new 2.0 Plate light storage and filling inspection demonstration station , To form a perfect AI Overcharge network system , The future to Shanghai 、 jiangsu 、 hainan 、 Shanxi and other places and other qualified areas to promote .

Establishing a new power system is the key

All forces in the new energy vehicle industry chain , They are giving full play to their respective advantages , Power battery energy storage project 、 Optical storage and charging integrated charging station and other forms expand to the field of energy storage . Behind this , On the one hand is “ Double carbon ” The power of the goal helps push , On the other hand, it is the strategic consideration of the enterprise for its own long-term development .

Data from the National Bureau of statistics shows that ,2020 In the annual carbon emission distribution , Power generation alone accounts for... Of the total 51%. therefore , It is very important to solve the problem of carbon emission at the power supply end . however , If we want to replace the traditional thermal power generation , Regardless of water or electricity 、 Wind power , Or photovoltaic power generation and other power generation methods using renewable energy , The first thing to be solved is the configuration of energy storage system .

before , in the light of “ How to achieve carbon peak 、 Formulate and implement relevant safeguard measures for the medium and long-term goal of carbon neutralization ” problem , Yuan Da, director of the Political Research Office of the national development and Reform Commission, said , Vigorously adjusting the energy structure is one of the measures . among , Including promoting clean and low-carbon development of the energy system , Steadily promote the development of hydropower , Safe development of nuclear power , Accelerate the development of photovoltaic and wind power , Accelerate the construction of a new power system to adapt to the development of a high proportion of renewable energy .

The reporter learned that , Build a new power system with new energy as the main body , Need to be in the production of electric energy 、 send 、 Increase investment with the whole chain . From the power side , In order to solve the randomness caused by the installation of new energy 、 Volatility issues , We must accelerate the construction of energy storage projects ; From the grid side , Ensure reliable power supply 、 Run security , The peak load regulation of power system needs to be greatly improved 、 Frequency modulation, voltage regulation and other capabilities, as well as configuration of relevant technical equipment ; From the user side , The government encourages the diversified development of user energy storage , Need distributed energy storage facilities and Technology .

Miao gen, chief marketing officer of Jingke energy It means , Jointly promoted with GuoXuan high tech “ Photovoltaic + Energy storage ” programme , It can solve the intermittent pain points of photovoltaic , Make it a continuous power grid 、 Security 、 reliable 、 Efficient and friendly power supply .

On the power side 、 In the process of connecting the grid side and the user side , The charging pile is working . Huang Shengxuan, chief executive of Beijing Taikang investment, once pointed out ,“ Double carbon ” Goal driven energy change is a long-term strategic trend , The new energy charging industry is to create “ New infrastructure ” Important foundation .

at present , Optical storage and charging integrated charging stations are being put into operation all over the country . At the beginning of the year , Store 、 charge 、 The integrated passenger station integrating energy management was successfully put into operation in Huangshi , The project is invested by Hubei Huangshi power supply company of State Grid , Star charging is responsible for providing integrated optical storage and charging solutions . The project uses the parking lot of Huangshi passenger transport hub station for construction , Install the photovoltaic array on the top of the shed , Photovoltaic shed power generation system 、 New energy vehicle charging station 、 Intelligent energy management system 、 Energy storage battery system, etc .

It is reported that , Compared with the traditional distribution network, the electric energy supply charging station , The integrated optical storage and charging charging station is conducive to promoting peak shaving and valley filling of regional power grid 、 How can we complement each other , Reduce the impact of high-power charging of electric vehicles on distribution network , Realize the high efficiency of energy supply 、 Clean and intelligent , This is just the perfect combination of enterprise development goals and national strategic goals .

We should promote development on the basis of security

stay “ Energy storage ” The project is on its way , Various problems also appear , Among them, the most important non security is . This year, 4 month , An explosion occurred at an energy storage power station in Fengtai District, Beijing , Cause heated discussion in the industry . According to foreign media reports ,7 month 30 Japan , A fire broke out at Tesla's battery energy storage project base in Australia , The fire was almost uncontrollable . The energy storage capacity of the project is 300MW/450MWh, It is currently the largest battery energy storage project in Australia , Still in the testing phase , It has not been officially put into use ,

In this context ,6 month 22 Japan , The National Energy Administration issued a public solicitation 《 New energy storage project management specification ( provisional )( Solicitation draft )》( hereinafter referred to as 《 Solicitation draft 》) Announcement of opinions .《 Solicitation draft 》 I mentioned ,“ In principle, it is not allowed to build new energy storage projects for echelon utilization of large power batteries ”. Wang Jingzhong, vice president of China Battery Industry Association In an interview with reporters, he also said , Safety is 《 Solicitation draft 》 The fundamental starting point of .

all the time , Domestic electrochemical energy storage facilities , The lithium-ion power battery is used in echelon utilization , That is, electric vehicles are eliminated 、 The maximum capacity is less than 80% Of “ Used batteries ”. however , Energy storage batteries and power batteries are not simply universal , There are many differences between the two . Huang Shilin, vice chairman of Ningde times, once said publicly , The requirements of energy storage battery are much higher than that of power battery , Now? 1500~2000 One cycle is enough to meet the requirements of passenger cars for power batteries , But energy storage batteries should at least 8000 Secondary cycle .

Cao Guangping, independent researcher of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles Told reporters , Whether waste lithium-ion batteries and even newly produced products can be used for large-scale energy storage , There is still debate . such as , At present, once there is a short circuit inside the lithium-ion battery cell , Subsequent overheating is almost completely uncontrollable , The electrolyte is flammable and can support combustion after decomposition , It is difficult to achieve intrinsic safety for the time being ; The retired vehicle battery is converted to fixed energy storage , Because it's almost a completely different field , The technical requirements are also different ; What's more, power battery enterprises are mixed , Relevant technical solutions in the process of engineering 、 Accident risks are inevitable in terms of standards and operations .

7 month 15 Japan , National Development and Reform Commission 、 The National Energy Administration released 《 Guidance on accelerating the development of new energy storage 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 Guiding Opinions 》), We should speed up the improvement of policy mechanisms , Increase policy support , Encourage investment in energy storage construction .

Besides , The policy is also boosting the diversification of energy storage technology .《 Guiding Opinions 》 Pointed out that , Adhere to the diversification of energy storage technology , Promote the cost of relatively mature new energy storage technologies such as lithium-ion batteries to continue to decline and commercialize large-scale applications , Realize compressed air 、 The long-term energy storage technology such as liquid flow battery has entered the initial stage of commercial development , Speed up flywheel energy storage 、 Carry out large-scale test and demonstration of sodium ion battery and other technologies , Demand oriented , Explore and develop hydrogen storage 、 Research and demonstration application of heat storage and other innovative energy storage technologies .

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