WOW! The price is awesome! Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 x 143700 pre-sale

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wow price awesome dongfeng citroen

8 month 9 Friday night , Dongfeng Citroen makes great efforts to lead the trend 、 restore B Class car new benchmark new potential car —— Versailles C5 X Officially open presale , There are four levels of configuration options for the new car , Presale price range 14.37 Ten thousand yuan to 18.67 Ten thousand yuan . Customers who place orders can get “ Extraordinary pre-sale triple gift ”, Share Versailles C5 X Growth Fund , Versailles C5 X The higher the sales , The more customers gain .

  lead 、 restore B Level new benchmark , Everyone can find what they want

As a trendsetter 、 restore B A new car with a new benchmark , Pre sale only 14.37 Versailles from 10000 yuan C5 X, stay B Highly competitive in the class car market .

Versailles C5 X Not just cars ,TA A perfect blend of cars 、SUV And the advantages of station wagon , Everyone can find their own needs from this model , Find what you like . meanwhile , Versailles C5 X The configuration of the four models is very rich , The introduction is Versailles ,12 Item in the mainstream B The configuration of the high configuration level in the class car , At Versailles C5 X Enjoy... In entry-level models ; Medium and high configuration models are more comfortable on the basis of this configuration 、 Technology . Four models with rich configurations , With a very sincere pre-sale price , Let Versailles C5 X Super competitive , Really wow .

  Super rich configuration 、 Buy... With your eyes closed , Book a triple gift at Versailles

Versailles C5 X The four models have rich configurations , Enjoy at the beginning 12 Item extraordinary configuration , The introduction is Versailles ; The number of secondary models increased ACC Adaptive cruise system 、12 Inch color HD touch screen and other configurations , Enjoy comfortable Technology ; Class III models increased 3D colour eHUD Looked up and show 、Clean cabin Intelligent cleaning cockpit 、 Atmosphere lamp, etc , Both technology and fashion ; The top model is equipped with Claudia Leather seats 、 Seat ventilation 、HiFi Surround sound system, etc , Exclusive luxury .

meanwhile , As Citroen's new flagship model , Versailles C5 X“ Made in Chengdu · Global sales ”, Not only the materials are solid and kind , It also adopts green interior , The high quality of the global unified standard makes customers no longer have to worry about which configuration to choose , Just buy it with your eyes closed .

Now book , And enjoy “ Extraordinary reservation triple gift ”. among , Enjoy exclusive gifts and get a private customized badge ; You will get 500 The right to buy Premium black roof and light aluminum alloy luggage rack . The most attractive co growth gift , Where payment is made 2999 RMB reservation and upfront payment 2999 A blind customer of yuan , Will automatically become Versailles C5 X Growth Fund member . Dongfeng Citroen in Versailles C5 X Within one year from the date of listing , Every Versailles sold C5 X, Will share with growth fund members 5000 integral ( Dongfeng Citroen official applet ). Versailles C5 X The higher the sales , The more customers gain , Dongfeng Citroen is willing to compete with the first batch of Versailles C5 X Car owners grow together .

  Customer focus 、 Create Versailles together , Embark on the tour of Versailles together

Versailles C5 X After the appearance , Released “ Leading partner ” plan , The invitation “ Leading partner ” From product development 、 customer experience 、 Brand building and other aspects , Participate deeply in Versailles together C5 X The co creation of 、 Experience 、 share . In the process of creating with customers , Versailles C5 X Actively respond to customer demands , According to the customer's feedback, the rear center head restraint has been added .

About the tire configuration that the customer is concerned about , Versailles C5 X Equipped with Goodyear Royal car specially designed for luxury cars II Substitute tire , The speed level reaches 240 km / Hours , It also has comprehensive fuel consumption 5.8L/100km Low fuel consumption 、100-0km/h only 38.2m Excellent braking and 6.2‰ Low rolling resistance and other advantages .

Besides , In order to make customers feel at ease , Don't worry about Versailles C5 X Tire purchase and after-sales problems , Dongfeng Citroen announced the retail price of this high-end tire for only 748 element / strip , Very cost-effective and easy to buy . It is reported that , This tyre will be in Versailles C5 X After listing , Authorized by Dongfeng Citroen 4S shop 、 Sunshine craftsman authorized network , And Goodyear e-commerce flagship store ( Tmall and Jingdong )、 Goodyear outlets / Dealers can buy . What's worth mentioning is , Dongfeng Citroen is also committed to Versailles C5 X Car owners provide nationwide 2 Hour rescue Express Service , In case of failure, just one phone , Say goodbye and do it yourself .

Customer focus , It's Dongfeng Citroen's promise , Also Versailles C5 X A secret script that has attracted the attention and recognition of customers . Next , Versailles C5 X The official names of the four models will be created together with customers . Dongfeng Citroen sincerely invites customers to use Dongfeng Citroen's official applet , Create Versailles together .

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