The two artists who supported Huo Zun suffered a rollover! Accused of abandoning his wife and son, deleting blogs and closing comments

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artists supported huo zun suffered

The matter between Huo Zun and Chen Lu continues to ferment , Although Huo Zun has not responded positively to his feelings with Chen Lu so far , But there are already two related artists “ Be launched ”, Namely 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 Producer Tian mi , And Huo Zun's father Huofeng , Their reply was overturned .

Tian mi

8 month 10 The night , Tian Mi tweeted that “ Can you stop lying ? I laughed .” Although this theory has aroused the doubts of netizens , Who could have thought of such “ little ”, But netizens have deeply picked up their personal life problems , Some netizens accused Tian Mi of abandoning his wife , And for “ the other woman ” Borrow money from school and so on .

Let's ignore the true or false comments of netizens , If this is false , Then Tian Mi should stand up , Counterattack these rumors .

I didn't expect it to be less than 3 In an hour , Tian Mi deleted the original blog post , Also closed comments . And said he rarely uses microblog , This voice is as an insider , This is not out of nowhere , And scold the people behind the network, slander a person, the cost is very low , When the truth comes out , Will be condemned by conscience and so on .

As the first vocal artist , I didn't think I would overturn . However, Tian MI is not the only artist who supports the rollover .

Fire wind

After Chen Lu exposed his long relationship for nine years , Huo Zun's father Huofeng also came out to speak ,8 month 11 In the early morning of the th, he wrote on his blog :“ Zun'er is a kind child , My son, I know , Let time and facts prove everything …… Yeah .”

A father expresses his support for his son , It's understandable . But netizens questioned , It's not unreasonable .

It is reported that Huo Zun is the son of Huofeng and his ex-wife Zhong Xiaoping , They divorced when they were young , Since then, Huo Zun has grown up with his mother . Although he has outstanding talent , But lack of fatherhood , Such a life is incomplete , As for whether it will cause emotional loss, I don't know . But Wu Yifan's incident is similar to Huo Zun's , That is also growing up in a single parent family .

After Huofeng divorced Zhong Xiaoping , I didn't concentrate on raising my son like my ex-wife , But remarried and quickly had a daughter , Therefore, netizens questioned the of personal feelings “ be lost ”. The two artists who supported me suffered rollovers one after another ! I don't know whether it's conscious or unconscious ?

In fact, the whole thing can't say who is right and who is wrong , After all, Huo Zun hasn't responded yet . But if this is really what Chen Lu said , In order to break up “ emotional abuse ”, Even out to 900 A lot of money , These will rise to the moral level .

As for intimidation, it belongs to the legal level . But the woman's nine-year youth is really not easy , Can be so selfless for a man behind silently for many years , It's true. It's not easy , From unknown to famous , At least you can see , Chen Lu once loved Huo Zun deeply .

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