Beijing Hyundai opens up a new battlefield and kustui Snipes the household MPV market. Can it be done?

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beijing hyundai opens new battlefield

After the release of the three child policy , How can a car MPV The car is hot again , Joint venture car companies are scrambling for a new battlefield , GAC Toyota will bring Saina , Dongfeng Yueda Kia has the fourth generation of Jiahua , Recently, Beijing Hyundai has also been brand new MPV Kuxtu preheating .
Cousteau is the first Beijing Hyundai MPV models , Shoulder the important task of leading the brand back to the mainstream queue , It has attracted much attention all the time . Get into 8 After June, the official pictures of kustui began to spread on the Internet , Many people are also guessing the performance of this car after it enters the market .

as everyone knows , At home MPV The polarization of the market is very serious , Sporadic vehicles sell well , Most models were left out , In the low-end field, Wuling Hongguang ranks as the champion in sales , High end areas GL8 It is also difficult to shake the position of , The sales base of other models is generally very low . Now Beijing Hyundai kustui is aiming MPV The market cake , Can it be successful ?

Modern needs MPV Market cake

Beijing Hyundai urgently needs a new battlefield to reverse the current embarrassing market situation .
Need to know , Since the Sade incident , The development path of Beijing Hyundai in the domestic market is relatively difficult , from 2017 Year begins , Sales continued to fall , Last year, Beijing Hyundai's annual sales volume was only 50.2 Thousands of cars , And Beijing Hyundai before the Sade incident 2016 The total sales volume in is 113.8 Thousands of cars .
In the past two years, Beijing Hyundai's product strategy has also been greatly upgraded ,i-GMP Platform empowerment , Let the tenth generation Sonata 、 The seventh generation Elantra and the fifth generation Tucson L The product strength of such models has been greatly improved , The appearance level and the richness of intelligent configuration are stronger than those of the same level models . At the same time, there is a relatively people-friendly price , Very high cost performance . Unfortunately, the excellent product strength of the vehicle alone did not bring ideal sales results to Beijing Hyundai , The total sales volume in the first half of this year is 19.4 Thousands of cars , From the original planning of Beijing Hyundai 56 The annual sales target of 10000 vehicles is also far from .

Sales did not meet expectations , Not that Beijing Hyundai's strength is too poor , But the strength of the competitors is too strong , For example, Sonata's field has elegant pavilions 、 camry 、 The music 、 Strong players such as Passat and maiteng , Tucson L What are the competing models CR-V、RAV4 Rong Fang 、 Qijun and other models . Compare with competitive products , Beijing Hyundai's models have richer configurations , However, the brand appeal and model preservation rate are not as good as German and Japanese cars , Consumers usually focus on the head brand when choosing a car . in addition , The high-end models of independent brands also have an impact on the market sales of Beijing Hyundai .
As the saying goes , God closed a door for you , But it will open a window for you , For Beijing Hyundai ,MPV The market may be this window .
The arrival of kustui just stepped on two time nodes , The first is the formal liberalization of the three child policy , And families willing to have three children , Living conditions are basically not bad , They have a considerable income , And there are many family members , Therefore, there is a high demand for seven seat models . And in the SUV field , Although seven SUV There are many models , But it's basically pseudo seven , The seating space of the third row seats is very narrow , So generous MPV The model can better meet the car demand of three child families .
The second node is the high-end node MPV The market popularity of the model is high , Now the automobile market has entered the era of consumption upgrading , Consumers tend to buy cars with better quality and driving experience , Therefore, GAC motor can be seen in the list of the passenger Association M8/M6、 Honda Alison / Odyssey and other high-end models can achieve relatively good market results . This is a good development opportunity for kustu .

More Than This , Compared with cars and SUV field , German and Japanese brands are in MPV There are not many models in the market segment , Less competitive , In addition, the current market environment is conducive to MPV Model growth , Beijing Hyundai's kustu has great hope to boost brand sales . From the perspective of kustui's product power , Strength is also superior to competitive models .

Make great efforts in vehicle design

Kustu, whether it's face design , It is also equipped with materials and power system, which is always the high-end in Chengdu and the market MPV There are differences .
all the time ,MPV The appearance of the model is quite conservative , Mediocre design is difficult to attract consumers , The arrival of Cousteau further improved this situation , This car is based on i-GMP Platform to build , Many family design elements are used in the appearance design , There are sotana and Tucson L The figure of , It looks better than GL8、 The Odyssey 、 Allison and other car bodies are more flexible . in addition , The interior design of Cousteau also inherits the consistent characteristics of Beijing Hyundai , The design style is avant-garde and the configuration is rich , Digital instrument coordination 10.4 Inch vertical screen and key shift mechanism , Highlight the sense of science and Technology , I believe that with the high appearance design inside and outside , Kuxtu can harvest a wave of users .

MPV Users pay attention to large space and ride comfort , Cousteau wants to break out of the market , Of course, we should make great efforts in body size and seat design . This car uses 2+2+3 Seat layout , The second row seats also have leg support function , It can give passengers a first-class ride . in addition , Kustu is positioned as a medium and large-scale enterprise MPV, The length, width and height of the vehicle body are respectively 4950/1850/1734mm, The wheelbase is 3055mm, The spacious space also has sufficient guarantee .

But in terms of size parameters , KUs is not as good as Buick GL8、 GAC Toyota Saina 、 Dongfeng Yueda Jiahua is the same level MPV, In the future, Cousteau wants to win in the market , It is estimated that there will be some concessions on the price , Reduce the dimension of competitive products with lower prices .
In fact, kustur also has the ability to lower the price to the lower level market , First , This car comes from i-GMP platform , Be able to share parts with other models in the family , Save R & D costs . then , Cousteau offers two powertrain options , carrying 1.5T and 2.0T Two engines , Transmission part matching 7 Fast double clutch 8 Speed automatic transmission . And Buick of the same level GL8、 The kei M8 It's just 2.0T Displacement engine optional . Therefore, Cousteau can take advantage of the cost advantages of parts and power systems to compete with competitive products .

The price is close to the people , Or you can win by cost performance

It can be seen from the time node and product power of kustu entering the market that Beijing Hyundai has made great efforts to this car , For Beijing Hyundai and Cousteau , Stepping on the opening node of the three child policy to enter the market , It is also expected to seize a larger market share first .
However, after kustu entered the market, he had to face two practical problems , The first is the MPV The volume of the market is very small . First half of this year MPV Sales in the market are doing well , Sales data are continuous 6 Monthly growth . But the sales base is very low ,1-6 The total monthly sales volume is only 56.3 Thousands of cars , Equivalent to cars and SUV A fraction of sales in the field , Therefore, the sales growth of kustui after entering the market should not be too strong .

in addition , There is also Tucson in kustu L、 Sonata 、 A common problem of Elantra and other models , The brand appeal is not high , It's easy to become a car that doesn't win a lot of seats , In this case , It's very difficult for Cousteau to stand out in the market .
Of course , Kustu has a great hope of gaining a firm foothold by relying on the advantages of high cost performance , Although there is not much news about the market price of kustu , But refer to the pricing strategy of Beijing Hyundai's models , It is estimated that the price level of Cousteau will be slightly higher or equal to that of independent models , Lower than the joint venture car , So as to give people a cost-effective choice .
stay MPV market , There are many models with high cost performance , The kei M6 And Wuling Kaijie are both latecomers , Also rely on the price close to the people and excellent product strength to break through the Siege , The number of sales in the first half of this year exceeded 2 Thousands of cars . in addition , Trumpchi at the same level as kustur M8 Also rely on product advantages to successfully surpass Odyssey 、 Alison 、 Weiran and other joint venture brands MPV,1-6 The total monthly sales volume is 3.26 Thousands of cars , Ranked fourth in the sales list . Maybe Cousteau can surpass his opponent in the same way after entering the market .

In recent years, the market performance of Beijing Hyundai is relatively low , Even if it has a variety of cars and SUV The model has been upgraded , Still can't boost sales , Maybe launch MPV Models to open up a new battlefield is expected to improve market performance , But Cousteau faces many competitors , And basically strong players , Including trumpchi in the independent camp M8、 roewe iMAX8, And Buick in the joint venture camp GL8, Even the lower level Odyssey and Allison will compete with Cousteau . Even though kustu has excellent product power , But the brand influence and market reputation are relatively weak , If Cousteau wants to gain a foothold in the market , It depends on whether you can give an attractive price , Form dislocation competition with competing models .


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