Reshape French style, Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 x pre-sale opens

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reshape french style dongfeng citroen

Dongfeng Citroen has a long way to go in brand building , The improvement of product power is on the one hand , The advancement of marketing and service is also urgent . Through Versailles C5 X, Dongfeng Citroen has created an attractive product selling appearance by means of pricing and configuration , And the marketing method is also unique .

Versailles under Dongfeng Citroen C5 X The pre-sale has been officially opened . The car series includes four models , Presale price range 14.37 Ten thousand yuan to 18.67 Ten thousand yuan . As a French style work , Versailles C5 X It has its own originality in design , Rich in functions , Elegant shape . I see , Under certain cost control , Dongfeng Citroen has raised the configuration level of the vehicle series as much as possible , To create an attractive and cost-effective image .

In order to improve the affinity of entry-level models , Versailles C5 X A higher configuration level is adopted , Including panoramic skylight 、 One button start 、10 Inch center touch screen 、 Power folding exterior rearview mirror 、19 Inch wheels and other equipment . In a way , This really caters to the preferences of many Chinese consumers .

Except for the entry-level model , Versailles C5 X Also available on higher level models ACC Adaptive cruise system 、12 Inch color HD touch screen 、3D colour eHUD Looked up and show 、Clean cabin Intelligent cleaning cockpit 、 Atmosphere lamp 、Claudia Leather seats 、 Seat ventilation 、HiFi Popular equipment such as surround sound system , Let consumers get what they need .

Dongfeng Citroen also provides “ Extraordinary reservation triple gift ” Attract the attention of target customers , This includes a private custom badge ,500 Yuan super value to buy high-grade black roof and light aluminum alloy luggage rack . in addition , Where payment is made 2999 RMB reservation and upfront payment 2999 The blind order of yuan will automatically become Versailles C5 X Growth Fund member . The rights and interests of members are within one year from the date of listing of new vehicles , Every Versailles sold C5 X, Will share with growth fund members 5000 integral ( Dongfeng Citroen official applet ).

For Versailles C5 X Sales , Dongfeng Citroen has also played a popular user co creation plan , called “ Leading partner ” plan . Enterprises invite “ Leading partner ” From product development 、 customer experience 、 Participate in Versailles at the level of brand building C5 X The co creation of 、 Experience 、 share . In the automotive industry , User co creation is a relatively new way of playing , It remains to be seen how natural the effect is .

Dongfeng Citroen vs Versailles C5 X Great attention is paid to the tire configuration , Equipped with Goodyear Royal ride II Substitute tire , And announced that the retail price of this high-end tire is 748 element / strip . Dongfeng Citroen said , This tire is authorized by Dongfeng Citroen 4S shop 、 Sunshine craftsman authorized network , And Goodyear e-commerce flagship store ( Tmall and Jingdong )、 Goodyear outlets / Dealers can buy . Dongfeng Citroen promises to be Versailles C5 X Car owners provide nationwide 2 Hour rescue Express Service .

  at present , Versailles C5 X The official names of the four models have not yet been produced , These names will be created by Dongfeng Citroen and its customers . in other words , Through the Dongfeng Citroen official applet , You can also participate in the creation of Versailles racing name . Maybe , Good fun , Only by trying can we know .

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