Improve user experience Huawei announces new automatic driving patent

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improve user experience huawei announces

[ Car home information ]  recently , We learned from the Internet , Huawei has made public “ Methods of controlling vehicle travel 、 Devices and vehicles ” patent , The public number is CN113226886A.

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Display according to relevant information , The application provides a method for controlling vehicle driving 、 Devices and vehicles , Involving artificial intelligence 、 Automatic driving or automatic driving field , It can be applied to intelligent vehicles 、 Netcom car 、 Autopilot . The technical scheme of the application can improve the user's sense of experience in the process of automatic driving .

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  The method includes : In the automatic driving mode of the vehicle , Get user instructions ; Get information about the environment around the vehicle ; Multimodal understanding of user instructions and environmental information around the vehicle , Determine the user's driving intention ; According to the user's driving intention , Generate automatic driving control commands for the vehicle .

Although Huawei is for “ Car making ” Related matters have been repeatedly denied , However, this enterprise has increasingly invested in automotive intelligence and Automation . We have previously reported on Huawei and autopilot for many times / Patents related to smart cars , After all “ Autopilot ” As a huge incremental market in the future , Huawei is obviously very happy to invest in this part .( writing / Car home Ma Aijun )

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